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Is Your Water Bottle Safe?

posted by Madeline Schrock on Wednesday, Oct 01

Staying hydrated is essential for making it through a tough rehearsal. But what you're drinking out of is also important. If you've been sipping out of plastic disposable bottles, you may want to switch to a BPA-free Nalgene.   New  


Come Join the Future of Dance Education

posted by Wendy Perron on Monday, Sep 29

Koplowitz's international Grand Step Project (2004), Courtesy Koplowitz.   Today is the first day…


Dancing Drones

posted by Meggie Hermanson on Friday, Sep 26

We're still waiting for drones to deliver our Amazon Prime orders, but in the meantime...watching them dance is pretty cool, too. Cirque du Soleil, ETH Zurich and Verity Studios have teamed up to create …


An Embarrassment of Ballet Riches

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Thursday, Sep 25

The Bolshoi Ballet is all about making a big splash. So it's no surprise that just as bunheads everywhere have begun clearing their schedules on October 1 for the epic 20-hour World Ballet Day livestream, the Bolshoi's stealing a bit of pre-game thunder. A new online video series, …


Wheeldon, Ratmansky and Whelan Team Up

posted by Madeline Schrock on Wednesday, Sep 24

On October 18, Wendy Whelan will give her last performance as a New York City Ballet principal. The occasion alone is enough to make this night easily top my list of must-see performances this fall. But it gets even better: It's been announced that Alexei Ratmansky and Christopher Wheeldon are co-choreographing a piece for the occasion. Acc…


Cole Haan and NYCB Team Up

posted by Kristin Schwab on Tuesday, Sep 23

   A preview of Cole Haan's first shoe collaboration with NYCB. Photo courtesy…


Double-sided Gem in the Suburbs of DC

posted by Wendy Perron on Monday, Sep 22

  Aszure Barton's Awáa. Photo by Kim Williams, courtesy of the Banff Centre.     On…


Walnut Hill and Ballet Austin Team Up

posted by Meggie Hermanson on Friday, Sep 19

Walnut Hill School for the Arts is adding another partner to what seems to be a growing list—Ballet Austin. Michelle Martin, associate artistic director of Ballet Austin, will visit Walnut Hill in October to teach master classes, and the two organizations will work together to select a Walnut Hill senior for one of the 15 available sp…


Goodbye, Carla Körbes

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Thursday, Sep 18

It's just been announced that Pacific Northwest Ballet star Carla Körbes will retire at the end of this season. In a press release, the 33-year-old said she hopes to keep ballet in her life, exploring the art form in new ways, but she doesn't give any details…


Feeling Stressed? Here's What Not to Eat

posted by Madeline Schrock on Wednesday, Sep 17

As fall seasons ramp up, so does your dance-related stress. And after a long day of perfecting choreography, finding nuances in your roles and meshing with new company members, it may be tempting to indulge in your favorite comfort foods. But eating high-fat meals after feeling stressed will only backfire when you return to the studio. &n…


ABT Launches a YouTube Channel

posted by Kristin Schwab on Tuesday, Sep 16

ABT principal Hee Seo, who is prominently…


Joffrey Celebrates 20 Years

posted by Wendy Perron on Sunday, Sep 14

  Christine Rocas and Miguel Blanco in RAkU. Photo by Cheryl Mann, Courtesy Joffrey Ballet.  …


Dance & Fashion at FIT

posted by Meggie Hermanson on Friday, Sep 12

  Dancing fashionistas, take note: The Museum at FIT has a new exhibition, Dance & Fashion, opening tomorrow. It examines the…


These are Two of My Favorite Things

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Thursday, Sep 11

Full disclosure: I am a huge fan of This American Life. So when I heard last year that host Ira Glass was collaborating with Monica Bill Barnes on a touring production called Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host, I was super excited—if slightly confused. What …


Score 5 Essential Nutrients with Pumpkin Seeds

posted by Madeline Schrock on Wednesday, Sep 10

Fall is nearly here, and while it seems like everyone may be buzzing about pumpkin-scented soaps and candles, dancers in particular have a reason to celebrate the season. It's time to roast pumpkin seeds, the perfectly portable, dance-bag-totable, extremely nutritious snack. Here's why: When you eat one cup of pumpkin seeds throughout …


World Ballet Day Is Too Good to Be True

posted by Kristin Schwab on Tuesday, Sep 09

  The Royal Ballet's Marianela Nunez and Federico Bonelli, who will be featured in the live stream. Photo by Johan Persson, c…


Paradise in Positano

posted by Wendy Perron on Monday, Sep 08

What do Christopher Wheeldon, Olga Smirnova, Steven McRae, PeiJu Chien-Pott and Xander Parish have in common? They were all honored with the Premio Positano Danza Léonide Massine on Saturday in Positano, Italy. As one of the judges, I was there to soak in the artistry of these and other dance artists, as well as the beauty of this town on …


Inside Look at Sara Mearns' Life

posted by Meggie Hermanson on Friday, Sep 05

Sara Mearns' career is the stuff dreams are made of: She's a principal at New York City Ballet, working on a piece with Broadway's Joshua Bergasse, doing fashion films with Ryan Heffington and now is featured in a short film by Ezra Hurwitz. "In a Day's Work" opens with a shot of a pretty ballerina ornament hanging from the lights of a dressi…


Jennifer Homans: Traitor to Savior?

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Thursday, Sep 04

When Jennifer Homans argued that ballet was dying in her epic 2010 ballet history book Apollo's Angels, she drew the ire of many in the dance world. But it looks like those pages weren't meant to be an obituary—they were a call to arms.   It's just been announced that Homans will run a new  


Are Trans Fats Really Gone for Good?

posted by Madeline Schrock on Wednesday, Sep 03

Back in late 2013 the Food and Drug Administration announced plans to phase out partially hydrogenated vegetable oils from all foods. Nearly one year later, it may seem like these trans fats have been eliminated, but it turns out they're still hi…


The Joffrey is Training Marriott Employees

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Tuesday, Sep 02

Can ballet basics boost a hotel chain's bottom line? The Marriott is hoping so. According to the Chicago Tribune, the company hired the Joffrey Ballet to shoot four short videos about the importance of warming up, proper breathing, flow o…


Fashion Friday: Dancewear by Dancers

posted by Meggie Hermanson on Friday, Aug 29

Dancewear made by dancers for dancers seems to be everywhere right now. The latest two ballerinas to get in on the trend? Tiler Peck, who's created a leotard line for Body Wrappers/Angelo Luzio and Ashley Bouder who's just debuted  


More Turnover PA Ballet

posted by Kristin Schwab on Thursday, Aug 28

There's been a lot of news pouring out of Pennsylvania Ballet for the past few months—and it just keeps on coming. In April, Roy Kaiser, who directed the company for 19 years, announced that he was stepping down. Two weeks later, executive director Michael Scolamiero said he would be leaving for Miami City Ballet. A sea…


Dancer-Friendly Ingredient Swaps

posted by Madeline Schrock on Wednesday, Aug 27

Looking for a way to take your favorite recipes to the next level? Here are three easy ingredient swaps that can do your body a whole lot of good with just a small bit of effort.    1. Swap out soy sauce for liquid aminos.Why: Liquid aminos contain 16 of the 20 amino acids, which help serve as the buil…


"SYTYCD" Wins Two Emmys

posted by Kristin Schwab on Tuesday, Aug 26

Every year since 2007, "So You Think You Can Dance" has taken home at least one Emmy Award—that is until 2013. Last year was the first season that the show didn't win for choreography, costuming or lighting design. As of last night though, "SYTYCD" is back on the Emmy train. Not only did it win for Outstanding Costumes for a Variety …


Velocity Rings In the Fall Season

posted by Wendy Perron on Monday, Aug 25

  zoe | juniper. Photo by Tim Summers.     Sadly, summer is coming to an end. Ha…


Windy City Weekend of Dance

posted by Meggie Hermanson on Friday, Aug 22

Attention, Chicago dancers! It's been a week of fabulous dancing: First the 23rd annual Dance For Life gala (which raised nearly $175,000 in funds for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, the Dancers' Fund, Apage Missions, NFP and MADE: M…


ABT Dancers Create Silent Film

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Thursday, Aug 21

It’s a big leap from the stage of the grand Metropolitan Opera House to a film festival in New York’s trendy Long Island City neighborhood in Queens. But a group of American Ballet Theatre dancers recently made the jump—with intriguing results.  


Watch Joffrey Rehearse with Wheeldon

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Wednesday, Aug 20

Head's up, bunheads: You might not be very productive tomorrow if you're spending the afternoon anywhere near a computer. The Joffrey Ballet is inviting the world to watch its Swan Lake rehearsals with Christopher Wheeldon though a live stream on its YouTube channel from 11:30 a…


Taylor Swift Makes Bad Dancing Cool

posted by Kristin Schwab on Tuesday, Aug 19

Taylor Swift is a terrible dancer—and she wants the world to know it. The wonderfully kooky music video for her new single "Shake It Off," from her upcoming album 1989, has her clumsily dancing with a corps de ballet of swans, awkwardly twerking with hip hoppers and over-emoting her way through contemporary dance. There's bre…


Tiler Peck Improves on Degas

posted by Wendy Perron on Monday, Aug 18

Leave it to Susan Stroman to come up with a new idea for a musical. In just this last Broadway season, her Big Fish t…


Misty's Taking Over

posted by Meggie Hermanson on Friday, Aug 15

  In case Misty's Under Armour campaign reveal a few weeks ago wasn't big enough news, she's (unsurprisingly) got mor…


What Does it Take to Be in Fuerza Bruta WAYRA?

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Thursday, Aug 14

Some of the most coveted dance jobs these days ask for a lot more than dancing. Take a show like Fuerza Bruta, which recently relaunched a new edition subtitled WAYRA this summer. The dancers are asked to run up walls, fly over the audience on a harness, swim in a see-through pool. What does it take to be in a show like that? …


Kyle Abraham Choreographs for Rag & Bone

posted by Madeline Schrock on Wednesday, Aug 13

Kyle Abraham's creative touch strikes again. This time, he's entered the world of fashion, choreographing and dancing in a short film highlighting Rag & Bone's fall/winter 2014 collection. Take a look at the video below, which was debuted online by  


The Mariinsky At the Barre

posted by Kristin Schwab on Tuesday, Aug 12

Seeing my favorite dancers in performance is always a treat. But there's something so compelling about watching them take class. What is their unadorned technique like? What kind of demeanor do they approach daily class with? What do they wear? The Mariinsky Ballet has given  


When Versatility Has Depth As Well As Breadth

posted by Wendy Perron on Monday, Aug 11

There’s versatile and then there’s VERSATILE. I mean, well trained dancers can adapt from style to style with ease. But then there are dancers who can dig into completely different genres in a single evening.So it was with Pacific Northwest Ballet at …


Rockettes Fancy Box

posted by Meggie Hermanson on Friday, Aug 08

Ever wonder what type of products a Rockette uses to paint her nails or do her hair? Fancy, an online source for curated product collections, shows you exactly which products the dancers recommend in their new Rockettes Fancy Box. With a $39 mon…


ABT's Archives On Display

posted by on Thursday, Aug 07

Washington DC is more than our nation's political capital—it's basically our nation's museum capital, too. And it's about to acquire a whole bunch of ballet treasures. American Ballet Theatre announced today that it has donated more than 50,000 items from its archives to the Library of Congress. Most of the hard documents…


Hit the Stairs

posted by Madeline Schrock on Wednesday, Aug 06

When faced with the choice of stairs or elevator throughout your commute, which should you choose? Stairs, of course, but not for just the obvious reasons.   — A longterm study of 10,000 men found that those who cl…


Pick a Borough, Any Borough

posted by Wendy Perron on Tuesday, Aug 05

New York City dance has just been blessed with a brilliantly sensible project. The idea is so obvious, why didn’t anyone think of it before? The NYC public colleges have the space, and dance artists need the space. So, the CUNY Dance Initiative was born. Companies as established as Larry Keigwin, Elisa Monte and Les Ballets Trockadero de Mo…