A Blair Witch–Style Dance Movie?

posted Friday, Apr 18

John SwetnamHere's some unexpected news: Screenwriter John Swetnam—the writer behind the… Read More >


The Tricks of the (Ballet) Trade

posted Thursday, Apr 17

In the ballet world, it's not the spectacular moves that make the dancer—it's the nuanced subtleties of artistry, the sheen of immaculate technique. That said, there's nothing quite like a great trick. Daredevil feats can add jolts of electricity to performances, especially when they're … Read More >


city.ballet. Has Been Renewed

posted Thursday, Apr 10

It looks like we weren't the only ones who couldn't get enough of the AOL online series city.ballet. The Sarah Jessica Parker-produced docudrama following New York City Ballet dancers has been renewed for a second season.


In a way, we're not surprised. The show painted… Read More >


Keep Your Eye on Calvin Royal III

posted Tuesday, Apr 08

Calvin Royal III is on a roll. The American Ballet Theatre corps member didn't even begin training until he was 14, but in the past year, he's become the kind of dancer you can't ignore. He elegantly mastered principal roles in Alexei Ratmansky's Shostakovich Trilogy and Twyla Tharp's Read More >


Not Your Average Dance Flick: Flex Is Kings

posted Monday, Apr 07

David LaChapelle's 2007 documentary Rize paid tribute to L.A.'s krumping community, using graceful, sophisticated cinematography to capture its raw, exhilarating energy. Rize glorified krumping without cheapening or sensationalizing it—a rare achievement when… Read More >

Talking Injuries with Sara Mearns

posted Friday, Apr 04

Injury can be a dancer's greatest trial. When your identity is thoroughly wrapped up in your physical body, and that body is betraying you, what happens to your sense of self? Often, our instinct is to dance through the pain, ignore it or try any quick fix that… Read More >


A World of Dance Video Wonders

posted Thursday, Apr 03

We've all gotten lost in the wonderful wilds of YouTube. There are dance treasures to be found there, if you look hard enough—grainy archival clips, or snippets of Russian ballet performances stealthily filmed by audience members.


But until very recently, the real d… Read More >


A New Dance Film Explores an Age-Old Predicament

posted Friday, Mar 28

The plight of the aging dancer seems like catnip to filmmakers. And for good reason: Dance is an art in which the breaking down of the body can become a metaphor for the loss of a certain kind of life. While in reality most dancers go on to have successful, fulfilling post-dance careers, the e… Read More >


When Dance, Architecture and Robotics Collide

posted Thursday, Mar 27

Sometimes the most interesting impetuses for movement come from ideas that, at least initially, seem only tangentially related to dance. For years, choreographer Elizabeth Streb has been preoccupied with the idea of risk. From how high can a dancer free fall, or at what speed can two dancers c… Read More >


NYCB's Up-and-Coming Women

posted Friday, Mar 21

Following the retirements of the irreplaceable Jenifer Ringer and Janie Taylor, Wendy Perron called out five other extraordinary principal women who continue to electrify New York City Ballet performances. But that dyna… Read More >


Straight from Twyla's Mouth

posted Thursday, Mar 20

This weekend, the students of Juilliard's dance department will perform three very different masterworks: Eliot Feld's Celtic-flavored The Jig I… Read More >


Paul Taylor Dance Company's Next Step

posted Friday, Mar 14

From DM's conversation with Paul Taylor in the February issue:


DM: Paul, how do you want [the Paul Taylor Dance Company] to look in 25 years? 

PT: Oh, w… Read More >


Russian Seasons

posted Thursday, Mar 13

Big news for American fans of Russian ballet:


First, St. Petersburg's Mikhailovsky Ballet has finally set a date for its U.S. debut. Though the company initially planned to perform in New York two summers ago, that visit was canceled when American Ballet Theatre exercise… Read More >


On the Town Returns to Broadway

posted Friday, Mar 07

Jerome Robbins' Fancy Free scored an immediate hit upon its premiere at American Ballet Theatre in 1944. So huge was the response to the innovative ballet, which used a jazz-tinged, distinctly American vocabulary to tell the story of three sailors on leave in New York, that later that… Read More >


Broadway's Newest Star Is Adele Dazeem

posted Thursday, Mar 06

Allow us to address, for a moment, a subject only tangentially related to dance: The fabulous good-sportiness of Broadway star Idina Menzel, currently headlining If/Then. (Well, there is some connection to dance here: If/Then features choreography by t… Read More >


The Sunshine Vitamin

posted Thursday, Dec 17

The harsh winter months can leave you sick, stiff, and lethargic, making your sofa and snuggie seem more attractive than dance class. Happily, Vitamin D is a natural remedy that strengthens your immune system, bones and muscles—and boosts your mood to boot. Known as the “sunshine vitam… Read More >


Breathe Better...with Broccoli?

posted Thursday, Dec 10

Broccoli, a vegetable often despised during childhood and secretly fed to the family dog, may be a natural remedy for asthma. Researchers at UCLA discovered that broccoli is rich in the antioxidant enzymes that decrease respiratory inflammation. Though not a cure, this veggie and its cruciferous r… Read More >


Massage in a Jiff

posted Thursday, Nov 19

You’re moving freely through a modern dance warm-up and pop!—something pinches between your shoulder blade and your spine. Usually these mild muscle spasms disappear after a short tissue massage, but even after years of arm stretches, some spots on your back are just too hard to reach.… Read More >


Lighten Your Load

posted Thursday, Nov 12

Shoes, snacks, hair supplies, water bottle, a change of clothes—the contents of your dance bag can add up to a heavy load. While you might need all of these things for class, carrying that weight in one big shoulder bag can put considerable strain on your back, neck, and shoulders. In fact, … Read More >


Ballet Flat Blues

posted Thursday, Nov 05

They come in all colors, they're easy to slip on, and they go well with everything from jeans to tights. Plus, they're comfortingly similar to your beloved ballet slippers. But ballet flats—and other flat shoes, like flip flops—put extra strain on the body parts that dancing already ov… Read More >