Dexter Takes Broadway

posted Friday, Oct 17

Last night was a big one for The Great White Way. On the Town opened to fantastic reviews. (Which were well deserved. I saw the show, which I wrote about Read More >


We'll Miss You, Wendy Whelan

posted Thursday, Oct 16

The first time I ever went to Steps as a teenager, something amazing happened. Sure, the class (Willy Burmann's) was great. But what I remember most is how one dancer graciously held the door open for my parents and me to file out of the building afterwards. I turned to my mom and whispered,… Read More >


Behind the Scenes of Broadway's On the Town

posted Wednesday, Oct 15

Ballet and Broadway lovers, rejoice. On the Town opens tomorrow, Thursday, October 16, at the Foxwoods Theatre. But today, you can catch a sneak peek at tech week in a video with New York City Ballet principal Megan Fairchild. For even more OTT… Read More >


Blind Ballet

posted Tuesday, Oct 14

Dancing with grace and poise is a challenge for any dancer. But the challenge is amplified exponentially if that dancer happens to be visually impaired. Brazilian ballerina and physiotherapist Fe… Read More >


BalletCollective Sneak Peek

posted Friday, Oct 10

New York City Ballet dancers, a Telluride backdrop and choreography by up-and-comer Troy Schumacher? Sounds like the makings of dance video goodness to us. BalletCollective just released a short film entitled "This Weather is Perfect," previewing an except from Dear and BlackbirdsRead More >

Arthur Mitchell & Bessie

posted Thursday, Oct 09

For most of the New York dance community, we think of The Bessies as our Academy Awards to honor the most outstanding work of the past year. But for Arthur Mitchell, who will receive the Bessie Award for Lifetime Achievement in Dance later this month, this tradition is about Bessie Schonberg h… Read More >


Strength Training for Your Brain

posted Wednesday, Oct 08

If you're having trouble remembering tricky choreography and repetition doesn't seem to help, you may want to make time for a strength-training session. New research from Georgia Tech found that hitting the gym can help improve your memory. 


In the stu… Read More >


Take Class with Twyla

posted Tuesday, Oct 07

Twyla TharpGood news for Twyla Tharp enthusiasts: The Joyce Theater Foundation just announced that t… Read More >


Little Dancer Livestream

posted Friday, Oct 03


Mourning the end of the World Ballet Day livestream? Fear not… Read More >


Is Your Water Bottle Safe?

posted Wednesday, Oct 01

Staying hydrated is essential for making it through a tough rehearsal. But what you're drinking out of is also important. If you've been sipping out of plastic disposable bottles, you may want to switch to a BPA-free Nalgene.


Read More >


Dancing Drones

posted Friday, Sep 26

We're still waiting for drones to deliver our Amazon Prime orders, but in the meantime...watching them dance is pretty cool, too. Cirque du Soleil, ETH Zurich and Verity Studios have teamed up to create Read More >


An Embarrassment of Ballet Riches

posted Thursday, Sep 25

The Bolshoi Ballet is all about making a big splash. So it's no surprise that just as bunheads everywhere have begun clearing their schedules on October 1 for the epic 20-hour World Ballet Day livestream, the Bolshoi's stealing a bi… Read More >


Wheeldon, Ratmansky and Whelan Team Up

posted Wednesday, Sep 24

On October 18, Wendy Whelan will give her last performance as a New York City Ballet principal. The occasion alone is enough to make this night easily top my list of must-see performances this fall. But it gets even better: It's been announced that Alexei Ratmansky and Christopher Wheeldon a… Read More >


Cole Haan and NYCB Team Up

posted Tuesday, Sep 23

Cole Haan


 A preview of Cole Haan's … Read More >


Walnut Hill and Ballet Austin Team Up

posted Friday, Sep 19

Walnut Hill School for the Arts is adding another partner to what seems to be a growing list—Ballet Austin. Michelle Martin, associate artistic director of Ballet Austin, will visit Walnut Hill in October to teach master classes, and the two organizations will work together to select a … Read More >


Goodbye, Carla Körbes

posted Thursday, Sep 18

It's just been announced that Pacific Northwest Ballet star Carla Körbes will retire at the end of this season. In a press release, the 33-year-old said she hopes to keep ballet in her life, exploring the art … Read More >


Feeling Stressed? Here's What Not to Eat

posted Wednesday, Sep 17

As fall seasons ramp up, so does your dance-related stress. And after a long day of perfecting choreography, finding nuances in your roles and meshing with new company members, it may be tempting to indulge in your favorite comfort foods. But eating high-fat meals after feeling stressed will only … Read More >


ABT Launches a YouTube Channel

posted Tuesday, Sep 16

Hee Seo

ABT principal Read More >

Dance & Fashion at FIT

posted Friday, Sep 12


Dancing fashionistas, take note: The Museum at FIT has a new exhibition, Dance &am… Read More >


These are Two of My Favorite Things

posted Thursday, Sep 11

Full disclosure: I am a huge fan of This American Life. So when I heard last year that host Ira Glass was collaborating with Monica Bill Barnes on a touring production called Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host, I w… Read More >