Men Dancing, Past and Present, at the Pillow

posted Wednesday, Jul 18

In honor of its 80th anniversary, Jacob’s Pillow hosted a special all-male rendition of From the Horse’s Mouth, the concoction of dance and storytelling conceived and directed by Jamie Cunningham and Tina Croll. In keeping with Horse’s Mouth tradition (the trave… Read More >


Planting New Roots, and "Deep Roots," in Brooklyn

posted Wednesday, May 23

One night this past winter, as I was coming out of the subway on my usual route home from work, I noticed an African dance class going on in the building across the street. Keeping the beat for dancers in colorful skirts, a row of drummers sat by the panoramic, second-floor windows, their musi… Read More >


Susan Marshall's Cerebral Cabaret

posted Wednesday, Mar 21

I have to admit, I was a little bit skeptical of the Harkness Dance Festival’s “stripped/dressed” theme before seeing Susan Marshall’s Sawdust Palace, the final performance in this annual series at the 92nd Street Y, on Sunday afternoon. The idea, devised by curato… Read More >


David Hallberg on CBS: An uplifting end to a year of dance in the mainstream

posted Tuesday, Dec 20

It’s been a big year for dance in the mainstream media. Around this time in 2010, NYCB ballerina Jenifer Ringer was eloquently defending herself on… Read More >


Site-Specific Stirrings: Dance in New York Comes Out of Hibernation

posted Tuesday, Jun 21

During summer in New York, there are no limits to where dance can happen. For me, some highlights of the past month have been site-specific works that transform the city into a stage—popping up on rooftops and stairwells, spilling out from storefronts onto sidewalks, and roving through garde… Read More >


Putting Space Between the Writer and the Dance

posted Monday, May 02

Call it procrastination, or “dance writer’s block,” but lately, in my attempts to write about dance, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about time.


When I sit down to review a performance, I often find myself contemplating the whole idea of deadlines (as my own in… Read More >


Spawn of "Black Swan": A new parody from Jack Ferver's QWAN Company

posted Saturday, Mar 12


Finally, a really good reason to have seen Black Swan (other than being able to talk about it when people say, “Oh—you’re a dancer. What did you think of Black Swan?”) Without enduring those 100 minutes of melodrama, I don’t think I co… Read More >


Circling Back in Time with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

posted Tuesday, Feb 01

Meeting someone you’ve admired for a long time, or even seeing them in person, is a funny thing, when you consider how much you’ve thought about them, compared with how little (or, not at all) they’ve thought about you. They don’t know it, but the two of you have a history … Read More >


Dawning of a New DAY

posted Thursday, Nov 11

Jean Butler is probably tired of being known as the former star of Riverdance. It has, after all, been 15 years since she first appeared in the Irish dancing extravaganza, alongside her far less humble—and far more infamous—partner, Michael Flatley. There was something abou… Read More >


Will Cunningham Technique Live On After Merce?

posted Monday, Oct 18

That depends on what happens to the Merce Cunningham Studio, which, like the Cunningham Company itself, may not be with us for much longer.

Fans and followers of Merce have, by now, come to terms with the fate of his company: After its two-year Legacy Tour, the troupe as we know it wil… Read More >


Gaga From the Source

posted Tuesday, Oct 12

As I waited for Ohad Naharin’s workshop to begin at Peridance last Thursday, I wondered how the master would make his entrance. There was something vaguely religious—devotional—about the scene: Eighty students gathered in one room, anticipating the arrival of a single tea… Read More >