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  • Curtain Up

    I know how it feels to give yourself, body and soul, to a choreographer you revere. I felt that ... More »

  • Mercurial & Magical

    Paul Taylor’s Parisa Khobdeh blends beauty, grace, and comic timing.     Paul Taylor’s Also Playing. Costume by Santo ... More »

  • The 2012 Dance Magazine Awards

    Dance Magazine has chosen four outstanding professionals on whom to bestow its 2012 awards. This year, the remarkable longevity ... More »

  • Spinoff Stories

    Five artistic directors talk about breaking away from the companies that nurtured them.     From left: Kristen Foote, ... More »

  • Modern vs. Contemporary

    Which is more “now”?     Hubbard Street Dance Chicago in Little mortal jump by resident choreographer Alejandro Cerrudo. Photo ... More »

  • A Lost Protest

    Reviving Katherine Dunham’s controversial Southland     Right: Julie Belafonte in the original Southland, as “Julie” urging lynching. Photo ... More »

  • Rant and Rave: Collective Thinking

    Our “Rant and Rave” series went into hibernation for a while, but we’re bringing it back for some thoughts ... More »

  • Why I Dance: Craig Salstein

    Craig Salstein sends out a blast of energy onstage, whether he’s tackling the technically demanding role of Bronze Idol ... More »