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Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in a still from Dirty Dancing

Amid all of the excitement over the solar eclipse, it might be easy to overlook that today also marks a very important anniversary. We'll give you a hint: It's a dance film with awesome music, a socially-conscious heroine and an iconic final dance sequence. Oh, and a watermelon.

That's right. Dirty Dancing came out 30 years ago today.

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Health & Body
Katelyn Prominski. Photo by Rachel Bell Carpenter

When Katelyn Prominski came down with swine flu in 2009, she never quite recovered. Six months later, she remembers, "I started feeling super-exhausted, super-hungry, always thirsty. Just really, really run down."

Then a corps member with Pennsylvania Ballet, Prominski didn't know that the virus had triggered Type 1 diabetes. The disease is normally diagnosed in childhood, so it didn't occur to Prominski or her doctors that she could have developed it at age 25.

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