This year, auditions for dance companies and training programs will be a mix of in-person and virtual events. Check out these opportunities below.

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Training Programs

Akhmedova Ballet Academy

Silver Spring, MD
Contact: Jacqueline Akhmedova
Audition dates: TBD
Audition status: Both in-person and virtual audition
Audition location: TBD
Looking for: 8-19 years old, beginner to advanced levels, 12+ pointe experience. Audition dates & location TBD. Visit the website for more info.
Style of dance: Ballet, Contemporary, Character, Dance/Folk
Materials to prepare: Audition registration form, photos, video of class work and variation if possible

Dance Theatre of Harlem School

New York, NY
Contact: School
Audition dates:
Date #1: 1/10/2021 Virtual audition
Date #2: 2/7/2021 Virtual audition
Date #3: 3/2/2021 Virtual audition
Date #4: 3/3/2021 Virtual audition
Date #5: 3/6/2021 Virtual audition
Looking for: Students ages 8-24 for the 2021 Virtual Summer Intensives
Style of dance: Ballet

Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance

Boulder, CO
Contact: Alysha Perrin
Audition dates: 2/1/2021
Audition status: Virtual audition, Colorado
Looking for: Ages 18+ with an intermediate level of aerial dance experience
Style of dance: Aerial Dance
Materials to prepare: Application, resume, audition videos, two recommendation letters

The Dallas Conservatory: Pro Division

Dallas, TX
Audition Status: Online audition application, or in person by invitation only
Audition Location: Online application and Frisco, TX
Looking For: Advanced levels, ages 15-21, outstanding 14 year-olds considered. Visit website for more information.
Style of dance: Ballet, Contemporary, Character, Conditioning, Stage Acting, Performing
Materials to prepare: Resumé, photos, video of class work and variation

The HARID Conservatory

Boca Raton, FL
Contact: Janet Trivino
Audition status: Accepting video applications through Mar. 15 (details at
Looking for: Gifted young dancers currently in academic grades 9-11
Style of dance: Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Character, Spanish dance, Pilates
Other benefits: Tuition-free pre-professional training provided during the academic year
Materials to prepare: Audition video required for Summer Intensive application. Details at

The Nutmeg Ballet Conservatory

Torrington, CT
Contact: Donna Mattiello
Audition dates: 1/8/2021 (check website for additional dates)
Audition status: Virtual audition, Torrington, CT
Looking for: Auditions will take place every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through March 14, 2021. Check website for more details.
Style of dance: Ballet

Princeton Ballet School, the official school of American Repertory Ballet

Princeton, NJ
Contact: Carol Bellis
609.921.7758 x.30
Audition dates:
Date #1: 1/17/2021 In-person audition, New Brunswick, NJ
Date #2: 1/24/2021 In-person audition, Princeton, NJ
Date #3: Virtual audition
Looking for: Experienced dancers 13+
Style of dance: Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Flamenco, Variation

School of the Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier

Hamburg, Germany
Contact: School
Audition dates: Spring 2021 / TBA
Audition status: In- person and/or film
Looking for: Students of classical ballet ages 11-18 years. Application information to be found on the website.
Style of dance: Classical Ballet

SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance

Salzburg, Austria
Contact: Luisa Heilbron
+43 662 624 635
Audition dates: 1st round January-April 2021 worldwide; 2nd round May 17-21, 2021 - Salzburg, Austria
Audition status: TBD
Looking for: Every year, SEAD Dance Academy holds auditions for the four-year undergraduate dance program and the postgraduate program I.C.E. – Choreographer's Year. The first-round auditions take place in numerous cities around the world from January to April 2021. Invited candidates will take part in the second-round from May 17-21, 2021 in Salzburg, Austria, where the successful dancers are chosen to join SEAD. For more information and application, please visit our website
Style of dance: Ballet, Contemporary


American Midwest Ballet

Council Bluffs, IA
Contact: Matthew Lovegood
Audition dates: 3/5/2021
Audition status: Virtual audition
Looking for: Ballet dancers of any gender, minimum age of 18
Style of dance: Ballet, Contemporary
Salary: TBD
Contract length: TBD
Other benefits: Physical therapy, class (including off season), retirement plan, health stipends
Materials to prepare: Resume, dance photo, video, and references. Submit materials by February 19, 2021.

American Repertory Ballet

Princeton, NJ
Contact: auditions email
Audition status: American Repertory Ballet is now accepting audition materials. If you would like to audition, please send the following required materials to Note that an in-person audition is not guaranteed. An audition will only be granted after our artistic staff has reviewed your materials and feel that you may be an appropriate candidate.
Materials to prepare: Resume or CV: include all performing experience with a professional ballet company, training, age, height, awards received, etc. Performance footage (two classical and one contemporary) via email links (YouTube or Vimeo only). Dance photos (two to three different full-body views).
Other benefits: American Repertory Ballet (ARB) will soon be led by Ethan Stiefel, Artistic Director Designate. ARB is a founding resident company of the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center (NBPAC), where the studios and theaters are easily accessible to New York City and north/central New Jersey. ARB is an equal opportunity employer.

Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida

North Miami Beach, FL
Contact: Ricardo Montealegre
Audition status: Virtual
Looking for: Male and female classical ballet dancers. Apply online at
Style of dance: Ballet
Contract length: Full season - renewable
Union status: Non-Union
Other benefits: Physical Therapy (in house by appointment) and shoes
Materials to prepare: Resume, Headshot, Picture in arabesque, Video audition link according to specifications on

Ballet Co.Laboratory

Saint Paul, MN
Contact: Zoé Emilie Henrot
Looking For: Ballet Co.Laboratory is looking for versatile and accomplished classically trained male and female dancers for our 2021/22 performance season. Founded on the tenants of collaboration, evolution, inclusion, and excellence; the Company's repertoire is comprised of classical and contemporary ballets. In addition to paid dance contracts, Company members are paid to develop arts administration skills in efforts to develop the whole dancer.
Style of dance: Ballet
Contract Length: 34-week contract
Union Status: Non-Union
Other Benefits: Health & wellness perks [PT, massage, personal training, nutrition, etc.] and shoes
Materials to prepare: Email a cover letter, resume, and audition video to: Zoé Henrot, Artistic Director at Audition video must be under 5 minutes in length and include: class work (at least two exercises in center), classical variation or performance clip, and contemporary variation or performance clip. *Applications must be submitted by March 20, 2021*

Ballet Memphis

Memphis, TN
Contact: Julie Niekrasz
Audition date: 4/30/21
Audition status: Other. Video submissions will be accepted until 4/30 or until all contracts have been offered, whichever is earlier. Auditioners selected for further review will be contacted for virtual audition.
Looking for: Men must have partnering skills. Women must be skilled in pointe work.
Style of dance: Ballet, Contemporary
Salary: Dependent on experience
Union status: Non-Union
Other benefits: Health, Vision, Dental
Materials to prepare: Please submit a current resume, headshot and dance videos that include center work from ballet class, a classical variation and contemporary work.

Ballet Palm Beach

Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Contact: Ann Faber
Audition dates:
Date #1: 2/27/21
Date #2: 3/27/21
Date #3: 4/24/21
Audition status: In-person audition
Audition location: Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Looking for: Female and male dancers with professional experience. Ladies: 5'1" to 5'6" Gentlemen: 5'9" to 6'1"
Style of dance: Ballet
Union status: Non-Union
Materials to prepare: Resume, variation and headshot

Chattanooga Ballet

Chattanooga, TN
Contact: Brian McSween
Audition dates: 3/14/2021
Audition time: 2 p.m.
Audition status: In-person audition
Audition location: Chattanooga, TN
Looking for: Female and male dancers with a strong ballet technique and experience in other forms of dance. Females should be prepared to work on pointe. Audition Time: 2 p.m.
Style of dance: Ballet, Contemporary
Salary: Competitive
Contract length: 40 weeks
Materials to prepare: Headshot, resume

Rochester City Ballet

Rochester, NY
Contact: Robert Gardner
Looking for: Rochester City Ballet is seeking company and apprentice dancers for our 2021/22 season. Females: 5'3"- 5'6" Males: 5'9" – 6'2"
Style of dance: Ballet, Contemporary
Contract Length: 27- 30 weeks
Materials to prepare: Resume, reel, dance photos

Tulsa Ballet

Tulsa, OK
Contact: Website
Audition dates: March 11 (virtual), April 2 (virtual), April 23 (in person- Tulsa, OK), May 27 (in person- New York), May 30 (in person-Amsterdam), June 1st (in-person- London), June 3rd (in-person- Rome, Italy)
Style of dance: Ballet
Other benefits: AGMA
Materials to prepare: List of requirements is on the company website

US International Ballet

Wilmington, NC
Contact: Alycia Fell
Audition date: 4/30/21
Audition status: Virtual
Looking for: Professional level men and women. Training program also available. Accepting video auditions through our website
Style of dance: Ballet, Contemporary
Contract length: 9 months
Other benefits: Summer Company 2021 Available
Materials to prepare: Resume and performance reel

Training Programs and Jobs

Ballet Arizona

Phoenix, AZ
Contact: Laura Cadieux
Audition dates: 3/21/2021
Audition status: In-person audition
Audition location: Phoenix, AZ
Looking for: Company, Trainee, Apprentice, Studio Company. Video submissions are accepted.
Style of dance: Ballet
Materials to prepare: Headshot, resume and dance photos

Ballet Theatre of Maryland

Annapolis, MD
Contact: Nicole Kelsch
Audition dates:
Date #1: 3/7/2021
Date #2: 3/14/2021
Audition status: Both in-person and virtual audition
Audition location: Anapolis, MD
Looking for: Auditions are for male and female trainee, apprentice, and company positions as well as Summer Intensive.
Style of dance: Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary
Salary: $425- $800
Contract length: 30 weeks
Other benefits: Medical Arts Team, Gym Membership, Health Insurance Subsidy
Materials to prepare: Resume, Variation, Video Reel

State Street Ballet

Santa Barbara, CA
Contact: Denise Grimm
Audition Dates:
Date #1: 2/16/2021 Virtual audition
Date #2: 2/20/2021 Virtual audition
Date #3: 2/28/2021 Virtual audition
Date #4: 3/13/2021 In-person audition, Santa Barbara, CA
Date #5: 3/14/2021 In-person audition, Santa Barbara, CA
Looking for: Company members (age 18-35). For trainee program (age 18-22).
Style of dance: Modern, Contemporary
Salary: For company, it varies (for trainee, tuition fee $6,000 per year).
Contract length: September to May
Other benefits: Shoes
Materials to prepare: Dance reel (turns, pt. & gd. allegro, short classical & contemp. variations)

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