Get New Year’s Resolution Inspo From Our 25 to Watch

December 26, 2019

We’re predicting big things in 2020 for the dance artists on our “25 to Watch” list—but what are they hoping for themselves? Eight of our picks shared their resolutions for the year to come.

Mira Nadon

A statuesque dancer in a classical tutu and pink tights balances in fourth position croisu00e9 en pointe, arms extended in an asymmetrical "V" with index fingers extended.

Nadon in Peter Martins’ The Sleeping Beauty

Erin Baiano, Courtesy NYCB

“I am not always one to make a New Year’s resolution, but the start of the new year is a great time to reflect. I have so many things I strive to improve in the studio, but my resolution for 2020 is to get better about fitting time into my schedule to cross-train and to take even better care of my body.”

Ashley R.T. Yergens

A young, white man poses on a wooden floor. He kneels on one shin, while his other leg is extended behind him and bent at the knee, his lower thigh resting on the floor. He leans forward onto one hand and one forearm as his head tips toward his back foot. The oversized pale pink graphic t-shirt he wears matches his sneakers.
Ryan Duffin, Courtesy Yergens

“1. Spend less time with text communication. Invite people to FaceTime or coffee.

2. Read one physical book per week. Allow myself to smell them.

3. Attend more dance shows outside of my personal circle of dancemakers.

4. Compete in one bodybuilding competition. Hello, caloric surplus.

5. Make more noise about trans people in dance. We’re here, and our work will be funded in 2020!”

Gabrielle Hamilton

A dark-skinned woman with a shaved head grins as she balances on one foot, fingers teasing out her tank top which reads "DREAM BABY DREAM."

Jayme Thornton

“The year of 2020 will be the year of complete manifestations and shifts. I want to continue to spread the vibrations of love and light into the world. The continuation of spiritual transcendence is a must!”

Luke Hickey

A young white man wearing a suit jacket over a blue T-shirt grins as he balances on one leg, arms flung up around his head in an embracing gesture. Trees and greenery are blurry but visible in the background.

Hickey in his A Little Old, A Little New at Jacob’s Pillow

Christopher Duggan, Courtesy Hickey

“1. Take more hiking and camping trips out West.

2. Reteach myself the alto saxophone!

3. Make more time for myself.”

Maya Man

A young woman with her shirtsleeves cuffed to the elbow looks intently at a laptop, fingers at the keys.
Courtesy Man

“In 2020, I’m hoping to read more books on media and art history; create spaces where the dance and computer community can overlap; train more in house dance, which pushes me outside of my comfort zone; and successfully lucid dream a few times. I would love to make more time for daydreaming, too.”

Khalia Campbell

A long-legged, dark skinned dancer, looks calmly at the viewer as she balances on one leg. She is situated in profile, her legs extended to a 180-degree layout on relevu00e9, her torso nearly parallel to the floor, as her orange dress flairs behind and below her.
Andrew Eccles, Courtesy Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

“My New Year’s resolutions are to continue to remain dedicated to the work that goes into my craft, so that I can produce consistency, and to always allow my spirit and my story to come alive through my movement—to be more loving, giving, understanding and receptive.”

Zenon Zubyk

A red-haired man leaps, legs bending to parallel attitude in front and back as he twists around to his back leg, arms curving at shoulder level.
Michael Slobodian, Courtesy Ballet BC

“In 2020, I’m hoping to spend time discovering and understanding music production. Music and dance share a fascinatingly complex and intertwined relationship and I hope to gather more information by means of collaboration/conversation with various music artists.

“I also plan for 2020 to be a year where small creative sparks and ideas come to fruition. I’m hoping to set aside time every week to research and reflect on topics that have caught my attention over the past few months and simply make space for something to emerge from what I find.

“On a smaller scale, I only recently started taking baths (shocking, I know!). I see 2020 being a year full of baths and lavender Epsom salts. More time spent on self-care—so important!”

Zimmi Coker

A young woman in pointe shoes, dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, looks startled as she hovers on pointe and someone in a wolf costume gestures toward her. Courtiers look on in the background.

Coker (right) as Red Riding Hood in The Sleeping Beauty

Gene Schiavone, Courtesy ABT

“In 2020, I plan on furthering the art of mindfulness. Wow, is it difficult or what?

“With regards to New Year’s resolutions, I think it is so crucial to not get tangled or confused in society’s “rule” of having to muster up a specific goal for ourselves every year. Take time to appreciate your life and know that we are constantly changing as people. It’s okay to change your goals, or whatever you want to call it, whenever you want to!”