Join Us for 25 to Watch Live on July 29

May 22, 2024

Mark your calendars: 25 to Watch Live is back. Artists from our 2024 list of rising stars are coming together from across the dance world for this one-of-a-kind event—and you’re invited! Join us for an evening of performances and conversations at the Ailey Citigroup Theater in New York City on Monday, July 29, at 6 pm.

Slated to appear are ballet dancers Jindallae Bernard (Houston Ballet) and Yuval Cohen (Philadelphia Ballet); Broadway choreographer Karla Puno Garcia; contemporary artists Miguel Alejandro Castillo, Lucy Fandel, Sydnie L. Mosley, Donovan Reed (A.I.M by Kyle Abraham), and Danielle Swatzie; Irish and hip-hop dancer Kaitlyn Sardin; jazz dancer Erina Ueda (Giordano Dance Chicago); tap dancer Naomi Funaki; and choreographer Kia Smith, who will premiere a new work for a member of her South Chicago Dance Theatre.

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This event is sponsored by Philadelphia Ballet and the George Mason University School of Dance.

Across L–R: (1) Alejandro Castillo; photo by Maria Baranova Photography, courtesy Castillo. Donovan Reed; photo by Christopher Duggan, courtesy A.I.M. by Kyle Abraham. Lucy Fandel; photo by Bailey Eng, courtesy Fandel. Karla Puno Garcia; photo by Laura Irion, courtesy Garcia. (2) Yuval Cohen; photo by Arian Molina Soca, courtesy Philadelphia Ballet. Kia Smith; photo by Michelle Reid, courtesy Smith. Jindallae Bernard; photo by Amitava Sarkar, courtesy Houston Ballet. Sydnie L. Mosley; photo by Travis Coe, courtesy Mosley. (3) Erina Ueda; photo by Todd Rosenberg, courtesy Giordano Dance Chicago. Danielle Swatzie; photo by Shoccara Marcus (Schocphoto), courtesy Swatzie. Kaitlyn Sardin; photo by Isabella Herrera, courtesy Sardin. Miguel Naomi Funaki; photo by Christopher Duggan, courtesy Ayodele Casel.