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International Dance Day

I am not sure what happens on this day, but let’s all think about dance together. We think about it all the time anyway. Every year on this day, a different well-known dance artist writes a message to…everyone. Today’s International Dance Day Message is by
Julio Bocca: “Dance is discipline, work, teaching, communication. With it we […]

5 Ways To Celebrate International Dance Day

Happy International Dance Day! That’s right—it’s the day that every UN member state (so official!) celebrates our favorite art form. Sure, we celebrate dance every day. But there are still ways we can join in the festivities: International Dance Day is also the final day of the Youth American Grand Prix competition. Here, a competitor at […]

It's International Dance Day

Did you know that April 29th is International Dance Day? Founded in 1982 by UNESCO’s International Theatre Institute, the date honors the birthday of 18th century ballet pioneer Jean-Georges Noverre.   Each year the ITI commissions an artist to create an International Dance Day message for worldwide circulation. This year’s message is from French choreographer […]

The Most Influential People in Dance Today: International Association for Dance Medicine & Science

The International Association for Dance Medicine & Science offers cutting-edge research, education and training to enhance dancers’ health on a global stage. An annual conference by medical and dance professionals from 35 countries covers the latest advances in this specialty. Attendance is diverse, as more dancers enter the field. Anyone can download resource papers on […]

Dance Magazine Awards 2023

2023 Posthumous Dance Magazine Awards

A tradition dating back to 1954, the awards feature several changes for 2023, including the addition of an annual theme, the establishment of criteria for the selection committee, and the inclusion of posthumous honors to recognize some of the many artists who were not given awards during their lifetimes. 

The Dances with Robots logo, with a blue robot at the center, is printed in white text on a yellow background.

Dances with Robots: A New Podcast Explores What Happens When Bodies Meet Technology

From the dance/tech wonkfest The Conference for Research on Choreographic Interfaces (CRCI) comes a new podcast, Dances with Robots, launching November 14. Hosted by Sydney Skybetter, choreographer and deputy dean of the College for Curriculum and Co-Curriculum at Brown University, with Ariane Michaud serving as co-host and executive producer, the pod features an impressive roster […]

a male dancer wearing black pants and a patterned shirt posing against a tan backdrop

Meeting Kenichi Kasamatsu, the Choreographer Turning Dance Brain-Teasers Into an Art Form

Borrow­ing from hip hop, popping, house, contemporary, and other genres, he dissects established moves to uncover their intricacies and repackages them in unexpected patterns that require astonishing coordination. Though highly technical, his choreography never lacks feeling, resonating with global audiences through cinematic digital shorts, as well as with live audiences at his full-length shows.

a male dancer wearing white performing a grand jete on stage

Majors and Minors That Enrich a Dance Degree

For many dancers, the right college path is a mixed one, where dance is one component in a combination of majors and minors. It’s a choice that allows them to explore diverse interests, discover unexpected intersections, and deepen their engagement and mastery on multiple fronts.