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The Most Influential People in Dance Today: Sydney Skybetter

Known as dance’s tech guru, Sydney Skybetter has changed the way we think about dance at least three or four times. “It’s my job to consider how emerging technologies affect dancerly aesthetics and culture, as well as work extensively with all manner of bonkers tech to understand its movement,” says the lecturer and public humanities […]

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Dance Magazine’s Top 8 Stories of 2021

With its massive ups (live shows back in theaters!) and massive downs (COVID-19 cases and supply-chain issues canceling far too many of those shows), 2021 has truly been a year like no other. Throughout it all, Dance Magazine has worked to cover the trends, the changes and the inspirations that have kept us going. Here […]

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Introducing Our 2022 “25 to Watch”

What’s next? Our annual list of dancers, choreographers and companies on the verge of breaking through offers several answers to the question of where our field is headed. We’re betting we’ll be seeing—and hearing—more from these 25 artists not just this year, but for many more to come.

Introducing Our 2020 “25 to Watch”

Breakout stars, paradigm shifters, game changers. Our annual list of the dancers, choreographers and companies that are on the verge of skyrocketing has a knack for illuminating where the dance world is headed. Here they are: the 25 up-and-coming artists we believe are ready to take our field by storm. Jayme Thornton Gabrielle Hamilton It’s […]

Why Robots Need Choreographers

Robots often get a bad rap. “There’s an impression that they’re much more capable than they really are,” says Catie Cuan. Whether it’s a fear that “robots are coming for my job” or “robots are coming to kill me,” Cuan believes those ideas are largely driven by how robots are portrayed in fiction and storytelling. […]

What Will It Take to End Sexual Abuse in Dance Education?

Though the #MeToo movement has spurred many dancers to come forward with their stories of sexual harassment and abuse, the dance world has yet to have a full reckoning on the subject. Few institutions have made true cultural changes, and many alleged predators continue to work in the industry. As Chanel DaSilva’s story shows , […]

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