These ABT Dancers & Their Beach Ballet Have Us Officially Ready for Summer

In case you missed it, some of the American Ballet Theatre crew are in the Philippines, preparing for a fundraising gala and performance organized by principal dancer (and Philippines native) Stella Abrera. While Abrera and her co-workers—including her ABT besties Gillian Murphy and Isabella Boylston—prepare for the April 7 show benefitting the children of CENTEX (Center of Excellence in Public Elementary Education), they've also had some time to hit the beach.

But their time at the beach doesn't seem to involve lounging around with a book. Instead, they've been coming up with some pretty inventive ways to keep dancing (trading in their leos for swimsuits, of course). Check it out for yourself, but be forewarned: It's going to have you hardcore dreaming of summer.

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Studio Bleu students Jaxon Keller, Samantha Halker and Alia Wiggins. Photos by Chris Stark

How Turning Boards and Practice Mats Can Revolutionize Your Dance Training

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