Mark Dendy Projects. Photo by Stephen Donovan, Courtesy ADF.

Ever Dreamed of Showing Work at ADF? Here's How You Can.

If you studied at the American Dance Festival in the last 84 years, you may be in for a major treat—and an incredible career opportunity. As part of its 85th-anniversary season, ADF is seeking choreography submissions from alumni of its Six Week School and Three Week School (formerly the Four Week School for Young Dancers).

Chosen applicants will have their work performed during a special alumni weekend, June 22–24. A $3,500 stipend will be awarded to each choreographer to help cover travel costs and associated fees.

Larry Keigwin. Photo by Whitney Browne, Courtesy Keigwin + Company.

Submissions are currently being accepted until December 1. Full details are available here, though materials include the choreographer's biography, promotional images and a video link of the work you wish to have performed. Newbies have a great chance—choreographers whose work has previously been presented at ADF are not eligible.

Need an extra reason to apply? It's a surefire way to get your work seen by the likes of Larry Keigwin. He's on the review panel, along with artists like Mark Dendy, Nicholas Leichter and Li Chiao-Ping—all of whom are ADF alumni themselves. Talk about good company.

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