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Another Reason We Love Jacob's Pillow

First, three sailors from New York City Ballet bounce through Jerome Robbins' exuberant choreography. Then Carmen de Lavallade commands the stage against a windy backdrop of trees. Next comes Savion Glover hoofing it, and before you know it you're back in 1937 with Ted Shawn.


This is just the opening page of Jacob's Pillow's newly-redesigned Dance Interactive site, which gives dance lovers everywhere access to an incredible library of resources. Over 230 video clips are available to watch, and can be filtered by era (starting in the 1930s!), genre or artist. The Pillow's director of preservation, Norton Owen, also curates video playlists for the site, grouping together clips that feature "International Artists," "World Premieres" or "Immersive Environments," to name a few.


The site is filled with information accompanying the clips, providing a context for many of the artists and pieces available to watch. There's also a re-imagined Guess Game, where you can test—and boost—your dance knowledge, then challenge your friends. A major plus: The site is fully optimized for mobile devices. In other words, watch dance anywhere!


Whether you're doing research for an upcoming dance history paper, or simply enjoying a rehearsal-free day, you can explore and experience the rich history of The Pillow. From Monica Bill Barnes to Hofesh Shecter to Michelle Dorrance, it's all at your fingertips.
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