The @balletmoods Insta Is Practically Reading Your Mind

August 23, 2017

We love a good inside joke, and what goes on at the ballet studio is perfect fodder: Ever been in a rehearsal and you’re just not feeling it? Or your partner messes up and blames you? Or you’re asked to run a piece “just one more time” and it sends you over the edge? Sometimes, you have to blow off steam and laugh.

The @balletmoods Instagram totally understands. And we at Dance Magazine salute the mystery man or woman behind it for turning every dancer’s eye-rolling moments into hilarious memes.

With the sarcasm meter set at an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10, these memes say everything you wish you could at work. And they’re spot on—plenty of professional dancers are popping up in the comments, like international star Maria Kochetkova, Miami City Ballet’s Lauren Fadeley and Boston Ballet’s Rachele Buriassi.

Here are a few of our favorite @balletmoods memes, which feature dancer’s self-submitted photos or, more often, characters from popular TV shows and movies.

Will the real mastermind behind @balletmoods please stand up? We’re dying to know who’s responsible for our fits of laughter this week.