Caffeine Beats the Heat

Summer heat can often drag you down, making hours of rehearsal in a sweaty studio seem even more daunting. Studies show that grabbing a mildly caffeinated beverage before exercising on a hot day can improve your performance. The caffeine in a small cup of coffee, tea, or cola can stimulate your muscles and offset heat-related fatigue. So when rushing to the studio, don’t pass up that coffee shop on the corner. Just make sure to stay hydrated with plenty of water as well.

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Ashley Daigle. Photo by Sydney Barrett, Courtesy Daigle

The Pandemic Is Changing Dancers' Bodies and We Need to Honor That

During this pandemic, we dancers have not been living in our normal bodies. Even though we may not see a physical change, on the inside, our bodies have altered. Use me as an example: Before COVID-19, I was a 28-year-old healthy, active human being. But after my recovery, a 15-minute abdominal workout practically destroyed my hips, kidneys and my entire dance career.