Photo by Bruce Bennetts. Courtesy of Houston Ballet.

"Choreography in Focus" with Stanton Welch

Wendy Perron and Houston Ballet artistic director Stanton Welch speak in the lobby of the Joyce Theater in New York City about Welch's work and upcoming 10-year anniversary in Houston.

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What Are the Potential Military Applications of Teaching Robots to Dance?

There's a good chance you've seen the YouTube video where a doglike robot named Spot dances to a cover of "Uptown Funk." Spot does a variation on the running man (the running dog?), twerks and sashays. Equally adorable and uncanny, it's a fascinating piece of choreography. All the more so since it was recently announced that Cirque du Soleil has entered an experimental phase to explore the possibility of incorporating Spots into live dance, theater and circus shows.