Chu This, SYTYCD

August 29, 2012

Peter Chu, one of the dancemakers featured in our 2011 Choreography Issue and all-around badass dancer, joined So You Think You Can Dance‘s roster of choreographers last night with his opening number for the Top 8. As Wendy tweeted, there was a lot of unison, but I chalk that up to the constraints of the program. I liked that the drama was inherent in the choreography—which meant less angsty mugging from the performers. (Fellow choreographer extraordinaire Misha Gabriel said it best, tweeting, “Peter Chu is a G.”)



Chu is a torpedo of a mover, seamlessly integrating the syncopation of hip hop with balletic fluidity. I can’t wait to see him perform with the rest of Crystal Pite’s fabulous company Kidd Pivot in The Tempest Replica this fall. I’m getting goosebumps just watching the trailer.


And speaking of trailers, check out Chu’s Nothing Sticks: