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The Company I Danced in Closed. Now What?

Losing a dance company can be like losing part of your family. Photo by Thinkstock.

My life is in complete chaos since my dance company disbanded. I have a day job, so money isn't the issue. It's the loss of my world that stings the most. What can I do?

—Lost Career, Washington, DC

Being a member of a dance company is like having a second family, so grief is a natural response to losing it. Give yourself time to adjust by acknowledging this difficulty, while staying close to family and dance friends.

Remember: Many dancers perform in more than one company, so try to think of this as a temporary setback while you network and audition for other gigs.

As you build new friendships outside of this group, keep your eyes open for opportunities to express your feelings in a creative way, whether it's through regular classes, a different dance company or a new hobby, such as photography. Connecting with other artists will help lessen the void caused by your company's closure.

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Advice for Dancers
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