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Procopio Photography, courtesy The Washington Ballet

The Ultimate Dressing Room Playlist, Curated by Nardia Boodoo

When it's Nardia Boodoo's turn to play her music in her dressing room at The Washington Ballet, it's an event. "Everyone is like, 'That's such a cool song,' and wants me to send it to them," she says. "I feel like I have the better taste in my dressing room."

That's partially because she mostly stays away from trendy pop hits, opting instead for international music influenced by her Trinidadian heritage. "I could not even tell you the songs that are on the Top 40 list," she says. "If everyone else likes it, I want something different."

Boodoo made us a playlist—mostly "groovy international music"—and told us about how she finds her sought-after songs: