Introducing Dance Media Live!: The Ultimate Live Class Series to Get You Through Quarantine

August 11, 2020

Since the dance world changed overnight due to COVID-19, we’ve been bringing you constant content on how our community is adapting to the pandemic—from following dancers who are #SocialDisDancing to asking the experts for tips on taking class at home.

Now, we’re launching Dance Media Live!, a class series with everything from ballet to Pilates to cardio to jazz, featuring some of our favorite teachers.

So join us on Zoom, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-2 pm ET, beginning May 7. Classes are $10 each.

Sign up here, and see the full class schedule below:

Past classes:

Joseph Miller, Courtesy Flexistretcher

July 23: Flexibility Training with the Flexistretcher

Join Rein Short for a 60-minute stretch and strength class specifically designed to address the needs of the dancer using the Flexistretcher tool.

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Frank Atura, courtesy Sarasota Ballet

July 21: Advanced Ballet with Christopher Hird

Join the Sarasota Ballet’s director of education, Christopher Hird, for an advanced ballet class focused on artistry.

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Slager teaches a ballet class to a group of adults, demonstrating with her arm outstretched in the front of the light-filled classroom

Lana Kozol, Courtesy Ballet 5:8

July 16: Ballet with Julianna Rubio Slager

Ballet 5:8 artistic director Julianna Rubio Slager will teach a ballet technique class with a focus on what she calls “the secrets to standout musicality.”

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Mullikin leads a large ballet class, demonstrating a coupe back.

Courtesy Nashville Ballet

July 14: Advanced Ballet with Nick Mullikin

Join Nashville Ballet associate artistic director Nick Mullikin for an advanced ballet class and Q&A about the company.

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Thompson, who has short brown hair and is late-middle-aged, dances in a light-filled studio, wearing turquoise pants and a grey sweater

Randy Karels, courtesy Erin Thompson

July 9: Advanced Contemporary/Modern with Erin Thompson

Bessie award-winning dancer Erin Thompson will teach an advanced contemporary/modern class including floorwork, standing warm-ups and phrase work—all redesigned for the home space.

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In front of a graffitied wall, a young woman does a handstand, with her legs bent and feet over her head.

Misty Matthews, Courtesy Dance Labs

July 2: Advanced Hip Hop with Dance Labs

Join Dance Labs faculty member Mckinley Hawkes for a high-energy advanced hip hop class. The class will include a warm up and a fun, musical combination.

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Chasity Strickland/YOUnique Photography, Courtesy Beasley

June 30: Technique and Conditioning with Alyssa Beasley

Join Alyssa Beasley, regional director of Fusion National Dance Competition, for a technique-inspired conditioning and stretching class.

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Mindy Garfinkle Photography

June 18: Movement as Medicine with Erica Hornthal

Erica Hornthal, dance/movement therapist and professional counselor, will lead a guided movement meditation designed to reduce stress and prioritize self care.

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Bradford Rogne, Courtesy Joffrey Academy of Dance

June 16: Advanced Ballet and Q&A with José Carayol

Join José Carayol, head of the Joffrey Academy of Dance’s studio company and trainee program, for an advanced ballet class and Q&A.

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Ginger Sole Photography, Courtesy Kagan

June 11: Improv Flow with Savea Kagan

Degas Dance Studio faculty member Savea Kagan will teach an improv flow class, a guided exploration that encourages dancers to take risks, let go, and get out of their habitual ways of moving.

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En Lin, Courtesy Stys

June 4: Contemporary Jazz with Natalie Stys

Natalie Stys, a New York City-based dancer and choreographer, will teach a contemporary jazz class designed to push students to cultivate their artistic voice. Class will include a conditioning-focused warm-up, guided improvisations and a combination with influences from hip hop, jazz, ballet and theater.

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Courtesy Cary Ballet Conservatory

June 2: Ballet with Timour Bourtasenkov

Join Cary Ballet Conservatory faculty member and Youth America Grand Prix judge Timour Bourtasenkov for an advanced/pre-professional level ballet class.

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Rob Ferrell, Courtesy Goucher

May 28: Intermediate Pilates Mat with Elizabeth Lowe Ahearn

Elizabeth Lowe Ahearn, dance professor and founding director of the Pilates Center at Goucher College, will teach a Classical Pilates mat class designed to improve stretch, strength and control.

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Sammi Pfieffer, Courtesy Koresh

May 26: Intermediate Contemporary with Melissa Rector

Join Melissa Rector, assistant artistic director of Koresh Dance Company, for an intermediate contemporary class focused on groundedness, breath, body percussion, stylized gesture and quick transitions.

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Mike Munhall, Courtesy Patel Conservatory

May 21: Ballet with Philip Neal

Join Philip Neal, artistic director of Next Generation Ballet, for a ballet class focused on barre work. The former New York City Ballet dancer will focus on lightness and speed.

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Corey Rives, Courtesy Revel Dance Convention

May 19: Jazz and Q&A with Courtney Ortiz

Courtney Ortiz, owner of Impact Dance Adjudicators and a professional dancer, teacher and competition judge, will teach a jazz class designed for small spaces geared towards intermediate/advanced dancers and teachers. The class will be followed by a Q&A session with Ortiz, where participants can ask her advice on a professional dance career.

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Kathy Howard Portrait, Courtesy The Dancer’s Workout

May 14: The Dancer’s Workout

Join Jules Szabo, founder of The Dancer’s Workout, for a dance fitness class targeted to dancers and incorporating ballet, jazz and contemporary dance.

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Courtesy Baker

May 12: Cardio with Jaclyn Baker

Professional dancer-turned-bodybuilder and International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness Olympian Jaclyn Baker will lead a 30-minute cardio sweat session, focused on increasing stamina. Suitable for all fitness levels and ages.

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Courtesy Canada’s Ballet Jörgen

May 7: Improving Grand Allegro with Hiroto Saito

Join Ballet Jörgen ballet master Hiroto Saito for a ballet barre designed to support your jumps—including a special strength-training session to help you build jumping power when you’re not able to jump at home.