Dancers: We Want to Know How You Spend Your $$$

Being a dancer is no easy financial feat. We're often underpaid, sometimes not paid at all and almost always juggling multiple gigs—some of them not even dance jobs. Plus, there are all the extra expenses that arise when your body is your work: classes, crosstraining, you know the drill.

So, we want to throw back the curtain and show how real dancers make money work. Whether you're a full-time company member at a large troupe or a freelancer dancing for countless choreographers, we want you to (anonymously) share your spending and saving habits for a week of your life.

Want to share a money diary with us? Email with the following information:


Dance genre/type of work (plus any non-dance work):


Approximate annual salary:

Housing costs:

Other monthly costs/bills:

Spending log: Track every dollar you spend for an entire week! The more information, the better—tell us where you went, what you ate, what you bought and any other details that might be interesting.

We may reach out to you for additional information or clarification, but we won't publish your name.

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