Dayton Contemporary Dance Company in Donald McKayle's Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder. Photo by Paul B. Goode, Courtesy PTAMD

Paul Taylor's Lincoln Center Season Will Feature a Donald McKayle Tribute Performance—and Tickets Are Free

Paul Taylor American Modern Dance's annual Lincoln Center season will feature a free memorial performance on November 12 honoring Donald McKayle, who passed away in spring 2018 at age 87.

In a release, Taylor artistic director Michael Novak said, "It was Mr. Taylor's wish that there should be a tribute during our season to honor this master choreographer who was also his close friend." (Taylor passed away last August.) "I am excited to make this wish a reality and celebrate Mr. McKayle and his important body of work." McKayle was a prolific modern dance choreographer, the first black man to direct and choreograph a Broadway show, and a beloved teacher.

The all-McKayle program will feature Dayton Contemporary Dance Company (long a repository for McKayle's work) in Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder, dance students from The Juilliard School (which used to count him amongst its faculty) in Crossing the Rubicon and Ronald K. Brown/Evidence in Songs of the Disinherited.

Tickets are free and can be acquired beginning Monday, August 12, through the David H. Koch Theater box office.

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