Five Stunning Images of Balanchine at Work

To celebrate the anniversary of George Balanchine's birth—January 22, 1904—Dance Magazine has chosen five of our favorite photographs of the legendary choreographer at work.


Balanchine with Diana Adams in 1959.
Photo by Martha Swope/NYPL, DM Archives

Balanchine with Suzanne Farrell in Don Quixote.
Photo by Fred Fehl, DM Archives

Balanchine in the studio, date unknown.
Photo by Kenn Duncan, DM Archives

Balanchine with Igor Stravinsky, working on Agon in 1957.
Photo by Martha Swope/NYPL, DM Archives

Balanchine with Jacques d'Amboise and Diana Adams in 1963.
Photo by Martha Swope/NYPL, DM Archives


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