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Food Fight: I'm Stuck in a Cycle of Binge Eating

I'm really upset with myself for bingeing. I'm good with my diet for a few days, but then I give in and stuff myself with pizza and ice cream and am filled with self-hate.

—Binge Eater, White Plains, NY

Please give yourself a break! It's not like you woke up and decided to make yourself miserable by gorging on junk food. Bingeing is an eating disorder associated with intense cravings that make you feel out of control. Fortunately, it's highly treatable when you have the right resources to identify the emotional and physical triggers.

A registered dietitian who works with athletes (see can help you create a stable nutrition plan. You'll also benefit from seeing a psychologist who specializes in eating disorders. Check out the National Eating Disorders Association's referral service at for a professional near you. As you develop a healthier relationship with food, you'll become a healthier, happier dancer.

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