Bob Fosse on the set of Sweet Charity with Shirley MacLaine. Courtesy DM Archives

Our Favorite #FosseChallenge TikToks

Some things—like Fosse's iconic choreography—never go out of style. One of the latest trends to take over TikTok is the #FosseChallenge, where everyone from pro dancers to amateurs are taking a stab at moves from Sweet Charity's "Rich Man's Frug." Even some original Fosse performers have been getting in on the action.

In what seems to be the genesis of the TikTok trend, Ballet de l'Opéra national du Rhin dancer and choreographer Pierre-Emile Lemieux-Venne, known on the platform for re-creating popular movie and music video sequences, posted a clip of himself dancing The Aloof from "Rich Man's Frug." He'd been asked to "make this the next TikTok dance," a request we fully support.


C’est tellement un mood! 💎✨ J’ADORE #bobfosse 💙 Ça me fait rire à quel point je me prends au sérieux 😅 #fosse #sweetcharity #richmansfrug #60s

Then Mark S. Hoebee, who danced in a touring production of Sweet Charity and is now the producing artistic director of Papermill Playhouse, did a duet with Pierre-Emile. Of course, then everyone wanted to duet with Mark.


Reply to @kemtuckey #fosse #sweetcharity #dad #fyp #daddance #duetme

Others jumped in, adding their own twists. Here are a few of our favorites:

This pastor, who took Fosse to the altar. Where the technique is lacking, the incense and the offertory make up for it.


When the Fosse trend won’t get out of your head. *I’m no professional dancer, btw 😂 #fosse #fossechallenge #progressiveclergy #ForYou

The Rockettes, who traded kick lines for "All That Jazz," employing their signature synchronicity


Did somebody say #Fosse? 🎩 #FosseChallenge #InternationalDanceDay #Rockettes

This burlesque hoop performer, who's all of us who can't wait to perform for live audiences again


I’m going to hug every single person in the audience 😩 #fossechallenge

This couple, who found the best way to pass time while baking a pie


what to do when waiting for the 🥧 to cook? Do the #frug ! #fosse #fossedance #fossechallenge #aloof #richmansfrug

Disabled dancer Kate Stanforth, who adapted the choreography


It’s time a disabled dancer entered the game... #fossechallenge #fosse #fyp #dancechallenge #BRITsMOVER #disableddancer #dance #wheelchairdancer

These flamingos with surprisingly good technique


If this fails-I will know you all have no taste #broadway #fosse #fossechallenge

Still, no one can do it better than the original Aloof dancer, Suzanne Charney.


Reply to @mafmaf1 The original! #fosse #fossechallenge #bobfosse #fossetok #fossetiktok #richmansfrug #sweetcharity #suzannecharney #jazz

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