Guest Blog: Performing with Sammy Hagar

Last weekend, Beckanne Sisk performed in Cabo, Mexico, at Gala de Danza, an annual collaboration with Youth America Grand Prix. In Dreams, a specially commissioned duet choreographed by Josie Walsh, she danced with Fabrice Calmels to live music by Sammy Hagar—yup, the one from Van Halen. Here, she shares the experience with Dance Magazine

Being part of Gala De Danza is a memory I will never ever forget. It was such an honor to be a part of this one-of-a-kind performance. Christina Lyon, Gala De Danza’s founder and artistic director, and one of the most inspiring people I've met, commissioned a duet for Fabrice Calmels and myself, choreographed by Josie Walsh with live music by Sammy Hagar.


I had danced with Fabrice in the past, but neither of us had ever met Josie Walsh before. Yet as soon as we got to Cabo, I felt like we connected instantly—it only took us two days to finish the pas! That was a good thing because Hurricane Blanca was headed towards the shore. It ended up changing its path and hitting north of us, so we just had some heavy winds and rain. (Our group ended up having dinner literally right next to the beach so we could watch the waves crash in.) Thankfully, we were able to continue rehearsing and didn't lose any time. I was really happy Josie was such a fast worker because it gave us five days just to clean and really get comfortable with the piece.


Friday was the first day we got to meet and rehearse with Sammy. It was so cool getting the opportunity to work with him! He was really easy-going, and sounds even more amazing live. He came in right off a plane and knew exactly what he was doing. It took him no time to get the sound cues just right. He is such a pro, and the same goes for his guitarist, Vic.



The next day was the performance—and it went so well! Performing with live music makes such a difference. The amount of energy exuded on stage between the four of us was electrifying! It was so easy to feed off of Sammy's vivacity. He really watched us while we were dancing and made sure his singing and our movements were connected as one. I couldn't be happier or feel more privileged to have had such a special performance with all involved. I can't thank Christina, Josie, Fabrice or Sammy enough!

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