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Harper Watters Ranked His Favorite Bey Albums and Made Us A Fire Playlist

It's no secret that Houston Ballet soloist Harper Watters loves Queen Bey. So we dared to ask him to rank his favorite albums. This is what he sent us:

Dangerously In Love: EVERYTHING
B'Day: LIT
I Am...Sasha Fierce: YASSS
Lemonade: SLAY

We get it: It's impossible to play favorites when it comes to Beyoncé. But Watters did pick out some of his favorite songs for us (and yes, you guessed it—many of them are by Bey) for a playlist that captures his gregarious personality and his busy life in Houston.

"I use this playlist to get me in the mood for whatever the day has in store," he says. "Silence makes my head spin: Music gives me focus and energy, and ultimately helps me to turn out and turn it out both onstage and off."

What He Listens to Throughout the Day

"Going into work is real girl group moment. My coworkers at HB are like my bandmates! Driving around during our lunch break with my bestie Natalie Varnum means Cardi B is blasting the whole time. Kehlani and the less mainstream artists usually have their moment at the end of the day. Queen B is just always going to make an appearance because obviously."

Why Beyoncé's "Crazy In Love" Is So Uplifting:

"No matter the occasion, you turn on Beyoncé's 'Crazy In Love' and instantly everyone's spirits are lifted. That first eight count is an undeniable strut starter. It's also the theme song to my web series 'The Pre Show' so it always seems to get a play as I get ready for a show."

Why He Loves Troye Sivan & Supporting Queer Artists:

"'My My My!' by Troye Sivan is 100% a bop! What makes this song even more loveable is that the artist behind it is openly gay. I love supporting queer artists who are unapologetically themselves and thriving in their profession. Your sexuality and what makes you different should never hold you back. I make an effort to listen and groove to more artists like Troye. Check out Kaytranada and Kim Petras too!"

Where He Finds New Music:

"I discover a lot of music from YouTube. One of my biggest inspirations is Yanis Marshall. He never disappoints with his heel choreography videos and the songs are consistently fire!"

"A lot of the remixes I've used have come from clips I've seen of vogue battles. Venturing out of the classical realm of music and exploring other forms of dance and art has given me tons to work with. An Opening Ceremony fashion show using New York City Ballet dancers introduced me to the Kelela track on my playlist. Keep your ears peeled and always have that Shazam ready to snag a new tune!"

Why He's Always Making Playlists

"I enjoy making playlists because revisiting them always reminds of whatever was happening at that moment. Having memories attached to songs is really special. I try to create that same connection with the music I perform to, so that I'm not just dancing steps—I'm dancing a story."

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