Is a "Healthy Dancer's Weight" Possible if You've Had an Eating Disorder?

It took two years of intense nutrition counseling and psychotherapy to pull me out of being anorexic. My problem now is that I've gained too much weight from eating normally. Is there no middle ground? I can't fit into my clothes, but I don't want to go back to being sick.

—Former Anorexic, Weston, CT

Please give yourself a break. It's a normal biological response to overeat once you stop starving your body. Over time, this urge should naturally even out and so will your weight. Most former anorexics who respond well to professional help flourish as they gain strength and muscle mass, which increases how quickly you burn calories. Once your eating habits are stable, your health-care team can help you tweak your food intake and cardio workouts to achieve a healthy dancer's weight. Your dietitian and licensed psychotherapist should offer support and guidance during this transitional period. Don't panic. You are on the right path!

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