Joining Forces

January 2, 2013

When you watch a dance performance, you rarely think about everything that has gone into making it possible—not  just the creative process in the studio but all of the fundraising, marketing, production, management, and audience-building that also takes place behind the scenes. A lot of moving parts, and a lot of enterprising people, have to come together to make dance happen. The annual Dance/NYC Symposium provides a forum for just that, an all-day event where New York City dance professionals—from dancers and choreographers, to curators and producers, to dance writers and researchers—can pool their resources, exchange ideas, discuss current trends, and devise new strategies to advance not only their own projects but the field as a whole.


This year’s symposium, Feb. 24 at the Gibney Dance Center in Manhattan, centers around four discussions, each led by a panel of distinguished artists and arts administrators, on the topics of funding; touring and marketplaces; digital and media strategy; and education. The schedule also includes open-level master classes, a networking lunch and reception, and individual consultations with the Arts and Cultural Consultants Network.


February 24 may seem far away, but Dance/NYC is offering a discount on admission if you register before January 13. Click here for more details.