Kader Attou - Compagnie Accrorap flying high in Attou's The Roots. Photo by João Garcia, Courtesy Richard Kornberg & Associates

Je Ne Sais Quoi at the Joyce

The coming weeks see not one, but two companies that can best be described as French cultural mash-ups landing at New York City's Joyce Theater.

Kader Attou - Compagnie Accrorap

In The Roots' surreal world, a cast of 11 dancers pose quizzical tests for each other. Choreographer Kader Attou borrows from hip hop, mime, circus arts and contemporary dance to create a bleak-but-funny, anything-can-happen dreamscape. Jan. 23–28.

Compagnie Hervé Koubi

In What the Day Owes to the Night, French-Algerian choreographer Hervé Koubi sends his dancers on a fiercely physical yet lyrical journey. A tapestry of capoeira, backflips, spiritual yearning and endless headspins creates a tribal, communal feeling. Jan. 30–Feb. 4.

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