Juliet Doherty Just Shared the Official Trailer for Her Movie

If you follow along with ballet star Juliet Doherty's Instagram, you've probably noticed her sharing posts about her upcoming film, On Pointe. In fact, social media is also how the two time YAGP gold medalist won the part in the first place. "The director of On Pointe, Tati Vogt, found me on Instagram," Doherty told us. "Soon after, we met in person, and almost immediately I felt a connection to the team and to the story of On Pointe," she said.

In her first feature full-length film, Doherty stars as Paige, a young dancer trying to make it into San Francisco Ballet as she struggles to convince her mom to let her pursue her dream. The film's Kickstarter page promises to present a more positive outlook on ballet, while still bringing plenty of dramatic twists (in the trailer alone, we saw a possible love interest for Paige and learned her parents were getting divorced).

Still, ballet remains a focus throughout the film, with plenty of clips featuring Doherty and dancers at Master Ballet Academy hard at work. Though no official release date has been announced, Doherty told us they're planning to hold the premiere at a film festival very soon. Plus, she hinted at another "secret project" in the works.

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Procopio Photography, courtesy The Washington Ballet

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