• Inside DM

    The weirdest “diet advice” I ever heard in a dance studio was to eat Kleenex. According to a certain ... More »

  • Body of Work

    Injuries, insecurities, anorexia, imperfect technique. Céline Cassone beat the odds, becoming a star of contemporary ballet.   Photo by ... More »

  • The Bodies That Inspire

    What do choreographers see in their dancers’ physiques?   Ballet BC dancer Darren Devaney. Photo by Michael Slobodian, Courtesy ... More »

  • Out of Whack?

    The repetitive demands of dance can create extreme imbalances in the body. Even out with corrective exercises.   In ... More »

  • Beyond Perfect: A Manifesto

    Dancer Sarah Hay long struggled with the image of an ideal ballet body. Now, as the star of the ... More »

  • The Storyteller

    Storyboard P takes jaw-dropping contortions and physical illusions beyond the streets of Brooklyn.     As the street dancer ... More »

  • Why I Dance: Daniel J. Watts

      Watts making magic in Broadway’s After Midnight. Photo by Matthew Murphy, Courtesy After Midnight.     Daniel J. ... More »

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