Friday Film Break: "OBSESSION" produced by JUNO VINE

Tel Aviv music producer JUNO VINE calls obsession "one of the scariest, yet interesting phenomenon on Earth." JUNO VINE's fascination with this common human experience has resulted in a video called "OBSESSION," featuring 11 dancers from around the world exploring what the sensations and dangers of obsession mean to them. The video features a track by JUNO VINE and performances by Tess Voelker, Miguel Altunaga, Chloe Leong, Mattia Cantoni, Lucky Profit, Haruka Sato, Barbara Minacori, Corina Kinnear, Har'el Lissman, Mirjam Dorthea Berg and Federico Steib.

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Courtesy Hong Kong Dance Company

Here’s What Happened When Hong Kong Dance Company Trained Its Dancers in Martial Arts

When dancers here in the U.S. think about martial arts, what might come to mind is super-slow and controlled tai chi, or Hollywood's explosive kung fu fight scenes featuring the likes of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Martial arts in real life can be anywhere and anything in between, as the Hong Kong Dance Company recently learned. A few months ago, the company wrapped up its ambitious three-year embodied research study into the convergences between martial arts and classical Chinese dance. Far from a niche case-study, HKDC's qualitative findings could have implications for dancers from around the world who are practicing in all styles of dance.

Hong Kong Researcher/dancer Huang Lei performing in "Convergence"Courtesy Hong Kong Dance Company

February 2021