Kultur's New Streaming Service: Netflix for the Performing Arts

For the past 30 years, Kultur International Films has been a leading distributor of performing arts videos, dominating the dance and opera shelves at libraries, as well as the virtual shelves of Amazon.com. Now the company is joining the likes of Netflix and Hulu: Last month, it launched Kultur.com, a subscription-based digital streaming service. Kultur, which owns thousands of hours of performing arts programming, is still in the process of uploading more dance videos to its digital library online. It currently offers a collection of rarely seen classics featuring yesteryear’s mega-stars: Mikhail Baryshnikov, Gelsey Kirkland and Marianna Tcherkassky in Baryshnikov Live at Wolftrap; Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn in The Royal Ballet’s Romeo and Juliet; Maya Plisetskya in Plisetskya Dances; Virginia Johnson in Dance Theatre of Harlem’s Creole Giselle; and Fernando Bujones in The Sleeping Beauty, among others. Kultur also acquired the licensing rights to Riverdance.

The first 30 days are free, then $9.99 a month for unlimited streaming to home theater, computer and mobile devices. In addition to performing arts videos, Kultur is broadening its offerings into educational programming, historical documentaries and lifestyle shows. Click here to check it out.

Dance on Broadway
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Though she's perhaps most well-known today as Bob Fosse's wife and muse, that's not even half of her story. For starters, she'd already won four Tonys before they wed, making her far more famous in the public eye than he was at that point in his career. That's just one of many surprising details we learned during last night's U.S. premiere of Merely Marvelous. Believe us: You're gonna love her even more once you get to know her. Here are eight lesser-known tidbits to get you started.

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Wish granted: Today, the trailer for a new film called Romeo and Juliet: Beyond Words was released, featuring MacMillan's choreography and with what looks like all the cinematic glamour we could ever dream of:

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