Friday Film Break: "7:30/7:30" by Ashley Laracey and Troy Schumacher

Raising twins is never easy. But doing it during a pandemic? That's a challenge that requires a special kind of grace.

This short film, created by New York City Ballet dancers Troy Schumacher and Ashley Laracey earlier this summer, captures a day in their lockdown life with babies Willa and Charlie. Despite the constant busy-ness of feeding the twins, doing laundry, walking the dog and trying to squeeze in moments to work out their bodies, and—in the case of Schumacher—fine-tune some choreography, what comes through more than anything is the sweetness of precious family time together.

The film is a Works & Process Artists Virtual Commission. The program has pledged to grant more than $150,000 for artists to create work during the pandemic. Sixty WPA videos are available to watch on YouTube, with more to come.

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Friday Film Break: Sara Silkin's "LOST MIND" for L.A. Contemporary Dance

In a surrealist and deeply emotional film directed by Sara Silkin, the dancers of "LOST MIND," Hyosun Choi and JM Rodriguez of L.A. Contemporary Dance Company, grapple with the turmoil resulting from mental illness. Although Silkin's inspiration stemmed from her personal relationship with her father, her message has become increasingly relatable following a year defined by historical events and experiences that have impacted the mental health of many. The film's music is by Patrick Watson and narration by Lori Dorfman.

January 2021