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Last-Minute Gifts for Every Dancer on Your List

If you're like us, your holiday shopping list still has a few unchecked boxes. Maybe you've been busy with Nutcracker shows, maybe you're still searching for the perfect gift for that special dancer in your life. Whatever your excuse, these ideas are sure to delight every dancer or dance-lover on your list. The best part? They're all Amazon Prime eligible.

A Body of Work: Dancing to the Edge and Back, by David Hallberg, $18.30

American Ballet Theatre principal David Hallberg shares his often-trying journey to become one of the most revered classicists dancing today in this raw memoir. He writes about what it's like to almost give up on your dreams but to persevere—required reading for any aspiring dancer.

Lois Greenfield's Breaking Bounds 2018 Wall Calendar, $10.53

Who doesn't need a calendar? Nobody. Famed dance photographer Lois Greenfield compiled some of her most striking shots that'll keep dancers inspired every month of the year.

ProSource Acupressure Mat & Pillow Set, $19.99

Yes, these acupressure tools look scary. But they give just the right kind of hurt-so-good that dancers love, and they're truly effective at relieving back pain and tightness.

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb The Super Hydrating Sheet Masks, $14.19

Moisturizing face masks are sure winners for any dancer coming off Nutcracker season (or still in the midst of it). They're the perfect pick-me-up after all that stage makeup.

Flexistretcher, $59.95

Pros like ABT's Melanie Hamrick and English National Ballet's Anjuli Clarke swear by the Flexistretcher for improving extensions and maximizing flexibility. It's a bit of a splurge, but you can't put a price tag on a perfect arabesque, right?

Inside the Dancer's Art, by Rose Eichenbaum, $24.01

Dance photographer Rose Eichenbaum's book pairs shots of dance legends—from Bill T. Jones to Tiler Peck to Ohad Naharin—with quotes from the artists themselves. The ideal coffee table book, basically.

RumbleRoller, $44.95

Did we mention that dancers love that hurt-so-good feeling? RumbleRollers massage more deeply than the average foam roller, allowing you to get into those hard-to-reach knots.

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