Friday Film Break: 10 Years of Traveling the World Through Dance With Mickela Mallozzi

If you're feeling restless while stuck at home these days, one of the best ways to escape is to travel vicariously through someone else. Fortunately, all three seasons of the Emmy Award–winning PBS travel series "Bare Feet With Mickela Mallozzi" are now available on Amazon Prime Video. In the show, dancer-turned-television-producer Mickela Mallozzi explores dance cultures around the world by learning dances directly from locals. This highlight video from the past 10 years features more than 50 dances from 30-plus countries.

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Our 5 Favorite Dance Moments from the 2021 Inauguration

The United States presidential inauguration is an event that's deeply rooted in centuries of ritual and tradition, but in the midst of a global pandemic, Wednesday looked vastly different from any other inaugurations in U.S. history. Attendance was limited and the parade and concert were moved online.

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January 2021