Mills College's Dance Major Is Here to Stay

December 8, 2015

The 2015 dance majors take a bow after their senior concert. Photo by Shinichi Iova-Koga.

Here’s some upbeat news about the state of dance: Mills College is keeping its dance major!

In late October, we reported that the institution in Oakland, California, was in danger of losing its historic major. In order to satisfy budget constraints, the women’s college was exploring the possibility of cutting the major but keeping the dance minor and graduate program. When the news broke, performers and educators took to social media and circulated an online petition to garner support. While it’s impossible to tell if the virtual firestorm had any bearing on the administration’s change of heart, the outcome is nonetheless positive.

Although the Mills’ dance major—which has been offered since 1938—isn’t going anywhere, it will be undergoing some changes. According to an article in the Contra Costa Times, the program will save money by reducing its course requirements and retooling its approach to be more culturally inclusive and interdisciplinary. To learn more about the Mills College dance program, click here.


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