Alice Sheppard/Kinetic Light in DESCENT, which our readers chose as last year's "Most Moving Performance." Photo by Jay Newman, courtesy Kinetic Light

Nominate Your Favorite Dance for Our Readers' Choice Feature

Yes, we realize it's only August. But we can't help but to already be musing about all the incredible dance happenings of 2019.

We're getting ready for our annual Readers' Choice feature, and we want to hear from you about the shows you can't stop thinking about, the dance videos that blew your mind and the artists you discovered this year who everyone should know about.

We're accepting submissions in the following categories, and it's as easy as emailing your nominations—in as many or as few categories as you'd like—to

  • Best Viral Video
  • Best Dance Documentary
  • Most Inventive New Work
  • Best Dance TV Show
  • Best Dance Scene in a Movie
  • Coolest Collaboration
  • Best Solo Performance
  • Best Dance Trend
  • Best Dance Challenge

The only rules? Whatever you nominate must have happened during 2019! We'll be accepting nominations until August 30, and you'll be able to vote on selected nominees beginning September 6. Winners will be announced in December!

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San Francisco Ballet in Petrouchka with the Moor (left) in blueface. Photo by Erik Tomasson, courtesy SFB

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When Michel Fokine's ballet Petrouchka premiered in 1911, none of the (largely white) audience members in Paris objected to the big, dumb puppet being portrayed as a Moor in blackface. Stravinsky's music was stirring, Fokine's choreography was ground-breaking, and Alexandre Benois' sets and costumes were transporting. Nijinsky's portrayal of Petrouchka, the puppet with a human soul, tugged at the heart.