Congrats: "N O S T A L G I A" Wins Our November Video of the Month Contest

In "N O S T A L G I A," a seemingly innocuous text message provokes an emotional rollercoaster, expressed through director and co-choreographer Emma Colton's sharp, abrupt editing style, and dancer and co-choreographer Paige Werman's idiosyncratic movement.

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3 Reasons Dancers Should Delete Calorie-Counting Apps

Seeking control over the uncontrollable is a common coping mechanism we all use when we're stressed. For dancers, that can manifest as a tendency to overanalyze meals and obsessively monitor daily calorie burn: When weight and body-image anxieties lurk alongside the unfortunate encouragement of those behaviors within our culture, it's easy to say, "Hey, let me start tracking my calories to make sure I'm not eating too much."

But relying on apps to monitor our energy balance drives us further away from building self-confidence and trust with our bodies—two key components to optimal performance. So how should you think about fueling your body instead?

July 2021