Congrats: "N O S T A L G I A" Wins Our November Video of the Month Contest

In "N O S T A L G I A," a seemingly innocuous text message provokes an emotional rollercoaster, expressed through director and co-choreographer Emma Colton's sharp, abrupt editing style, and dancer and co-choreographer Paige Werman's idiosyncratic movement.

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Amber Star Menkens. Courtesy Dance for PD/Mark Morris Dance Groups

The Pandemic Has Helped Dance for PD Reach More People Than Ever

When COVID-19 forced the Dance for PD program at Mark Morris Dance Center to discontinue in-person classes on March 15, it was done with the same uncertainty that we all felt going into lockdown. How long will this last? How can we keep dancing?

Dance for PD, which uses movement to help those living with Parkinson's, was also faced with the question of how they could continue to serve a highly vulnerable population. What they found were solutions that will forever change the way that they serve their community.