Congrats: "N O S T A L G I A" Wins Our November Video of the Month Contest

In "N O S T A L G I A," a seemingly innocuous text message provokes an emotional rollercoaster, expressed through director and co-choreographer Emma Colton's sharp, abrupt editing style, and dancer and co-choreographer Paige Werman's idiosyncratic movement.

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Christine Flores performing with Pam Tanowitz Dance. Photo by Whitney Browne, Courtesy Flores

These 3 Former Comp Kids Are Now "Downtown" Standouts

For most dancers growing up on the competition and convention scene, working professionally as a commercial dancer is a natural transition. Through the circuit, connections are made, relationships are fostered and representation is gained. But that's far from the only path you can take. Former "comp kids" end up in all kinds of dance jobs, even—perhaps most unexpectedly—in the experimental and postmodern dance scene.