Now that was a GALA! Happy 125th Capezio!

April 23, 2012

10 random musings regarding the Capezio 125th Anniversary Gala.

10. Tommy Tune worked a bespoke red suit and custom tap shoes that were just unbelievably cool. When he came on the stage, everyone squealed with glee. It was a 3-piece suit and the custom Capezio shoes were covered in rhinestones and had a slight heel.

9. The Radio City Rockettes can smile doing almost anything. They have perfect red lipstick and I happen to know it’s MAC “red.” Yes, that’s the name. I’ve tried it. It’s an intense color and the stuff stays put. If you use it, moisturize your lips first with cocoa butter or chapstick because it’s extremely matte.

8. Abby Lee Miller herself made a hilarious cameo as a jealous woman in Mandy Moore’s piece! She walked out in her signature all black outfit and people were shocked, SHOCKED, I say! Do we love her? Do we hate her? It’s all so confusing, but it was a moment.

7. Nigel Lythgoe made a great point about why we need dance in public schools. Kids need to exercise more! They need self-confidence. A well-rounded society needs arts in its education!

6. Seeing photos of all the custom-made shoes Capezio has made for Broadway shows and movies was magical. The witch shoes from Wicked were fabulous. Capezio can make all sorts of custom shoes, check their website (

5. Two ladies with almost-the-same name were smoking hot! Jaimee Tuft and Jaime Verazin are ballroom dancers that completely took charge of their partners. It’s surprising the smoke alarms didn’t go off from the heat they generated! 

4. Two different tappers used portable tap boards. If your mom doesn’t want you scratching up the wood floor in your house, they’re a good option. You could get a plywood board from a lumber store, but they might be more slippery than a specially designed floor.

3. Ann Reinking presented Tommy Tune with his award. She told a sweet story about how Tommy predicted her son would need a tailor when he was just 4 months old. Now her son is a teenager and is almost 7 feet tall!

2. There was a number that had a ballerina-meets-her-pointe-shoe-maker love story happening. But the ballerina didn’t fall for the shoe maker, he never gets the girl. It was sad. In real life they don’t usually meet. It reminded me of this story from our August 2005 issue about dancers who actually did meet their maker… check it out.

1. Capezio is a family business and its been around for 5 generations! Only 2% of family businesses make it past the third generation. That is truly remarkable and something to celebrate.


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