October 2014

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  • Inside DM

    Few things are more intimidating for a choreographer than redoing a master’s work. Luckily for Joshua Bergasse, when he ... More »

  • Comeback Story

    On the Town returns to Broadway—with a choreographic makeover.     At first, On the Town’s charm seems far ... More »

  • Captain Casual

    Choreographer Steven Hoggett collaborates with Sting to bring The Last Ship to Broadway. Hoggett sets movement on Michael Esper, ... More »

  • Immersive, Integrated & Awkward

    What do dancers do when the audience is part of their performance?     Sophie Bortolussi surrounded by audience ... More »

  • Improv Night at Hubbard Street

    The company teams up with Chicago’s iconic Second City comedy troupe.      Dancers Alice Klock and Kevin Shannon. ... More »

  • Why I Dance: Jonathan Porretta

      Porretta in Molissa Fenley’s State of Darkness. Photo by Angela Sterling, Courtesy PNB. As clichéd as it sounds, ... More »

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These Pros Prove That It's Possible to Start Training Later

These days, it feels like in order to master the technical feats required of professional dancers, you can't get enough of a head start on your training. Younger and younger Insta-protégés knocking out quadruple pirouettes or showing off their extreme flexibility give the impression that spending those formative childhood years immersed in dance gives you a leg up in an increasingly competitive field. Right?

Not necessarily. Some of today's top dance professionals who began in their late teens or early 20s prove that stereotype wrong. Though the exception rather than the rule, these artists show that the path to success can start later.