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The Latest: Rockettes Revamp

Last spring, Rockettes fans eagerly awaited the troupe’s new show Heart and Lights, which was set to expand the group into the realm of contemporary dance. But days before opening night, Madison Square Garden Entertainment abruptly cancelled the production, deeming it not yet fit for the stage. Audiences expected to see a polished version in […]

Rockettes' Touring Troupe Folds

The past year has been rough for the Rockettes. First, they abruptly announced the postponement of their new show Heart and Lights last spring. After reworking the production and adding some major collaborators (hello, Derek Hough, Jared Grimes, Mia Michaels, Whoopi Goldberg and others!), it seemed like the high kickers were in a good place.    But just weeks […]

Big Names Are Involved In The Rockettes' New Show

Last year, The Rockettes hoped to leap beyond a holiday-only gig with the premiere of a new spring production called Heart and Lights. But the show was abruptly cancelled less than one week before opening night. Madison Square Garden Entertainment said Heart and Lights, directed and choreographed by Linda Haberman, was not stage ready and […]

Rockettes Fancy Box

Ever wonder what type of products a Rockette uses to paint her nails or do her hair? Fancy, an online source for curated product collections, shows you exactly which products the dancers recommend in their new Rockettes Fancy Box. With a $39 monthly subscription (options available for 3, 6, 9 or 12 month deals), you […]

Rockettes' New Show Gets Delayed

After two years of work, $25 million in investment and endless anticipation, the Rockettes’ new Heart and Lights production, set to open at Radio City Music Hall on Thursday, has been postponed until 2015. To explain the highly unusual move, the Rockettes’ parent company Madison Square Garden Entertainment wrote in an announcement on Friday that “it […]

Haley Hilton is a fair-skinned woman with blonde hair pulled back into a bun and wearing a maroon sleeveless leotard. She faces left and poses in arabesque on pointe on her left leg, with her right leg and arm pointing backward and her left arm raised overhead.

Begin Again: Headshots and Dance Shots, Baby!

These days, headshots and dance shots are a performer’s gateway into any audition. They’re the first thing casting directors and artistic directors see of you—a first impression, if you will—making quality images a necessity. But for me, photographs documenting my dancing and my likeness go beyond being crucial audition materials. After nine years off of […]