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Venice Biennale

Venice, Italy June 14-29, 2008      Ah, Venice—one of the world’s most gorgeous cities. Teeming with art, music, architecture and—as part of the famed Biennale for the last six years—dance. In its sixth edition, the fourth under the auspices of dancer-choreographer Ismael Ivo, the festival proved a worthy showcase for performers and dancemakers alike. […]

Dance Matters

 Homecoming The Joffrey Ballet Picks Ashley Wheater.    “I’m so thrilled,” was Ashley Wheater’s concise reaction to his appointment as artistic director of the Joffrey Ballet. It is the company in which he danced so handsomely between 1985–89 when it was still in New York. “This was an American jewel and I want to revitalize […]

Dancing the Impossible: Choreography for the Camera

In choreographer Laurie McLeod’s film Yes, She Said, a bride, suddenly panicked, dives into a swimming pool to hide from her wedding and is filmed underwater, gown billowing. In choreographer Pooh Kaye’s animated Sticks on the Move, a motley cast glides and skitters down a New York street on miraculously moving lumber. In Pupa, dancer/videographer […]

What Are They Thinking?

Choreographers on their dancers, their inspirations, and why no piece is ever finished. Dance Magazine interviewed 16 choreographers of different ages, styles, and nationalities. We asked four questions. What do you look for in a dancers? how do you know when a work is finished? When you think something is beautiful, what is likely to […]

The Royal Ballet

The Royal Ballet Royal Opera House, London November 18, 2006 Reviewed by Margaret Willis Federico Bonelli and Marianela Nuñez in Christopher Wheeldon’s DGV Photo by Johan Persson, courtesy The Royal Ballet What an exhilarating evening! In new works by two of Britain’s acclaimed young choreographers, the Royal Ballet dancers were shot into a maelstrom of […]

Lincoln Center Festival

Lincoln Center Festival Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Mugiyono Kasido, Random Dance, Shen Wei Dance Arts Lincoln Center, New York, NY July 16–23, 2005 Reviewed by Susan Yung   Merce Cunningham anchored this year’s festival with the reprise of a tour de force, Ocean. Shen Wei Dance Arts has been the one constant in the last […]

British Dance Edition

Random Dance Company premiered Wayne McGregor?s Nemesis at the British Dance Edition Festival 2002. Ravi Deepres, Courtesy British Dance Edition British Dance Edition Various venues Birmingham, England January 30?February 2, 2002 Reviewed by Donald Hutera As the U.K. was being buffeted by wet, windy weather in late January, a small army of people in Birmingham […]

dancer covered in blue sheet dancing on marbled floor

Exploring Site-Specific Performance Here & Now

Every dance is site-specific in some sense, but, in a warming world changed by war, political upheaval and a pandemic, some choreographers forgo traditional venues entirely. Whether their work is about climate change, social dynamics, systemic oppression or community vibrance, they’re all drawn to the friction between moving and staying in one place.

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