PC Stephanie Berger

Ralph Lemon on Racism, Tackling Big Questions & Meeting Obama

In this "Choreography in Focus," choreographer Ralph Lemon chats with Wendy Perron about the early downtown New York dance scene, his experience at the White House and how he approaches making a new work.

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BalletMet costume shop manager Erin Rollins in a costume fitting with Leiland Charles. Jennifer Zmuda, Courtesy BalletMet

A Costume Shop Manager's Expert Advice for Making Your Dancewear Last Longer

What's the best way to extend the life of your favorite leotard or piece of workout wear? Aside from fabric quality, it largely comes down to what you do on laundry day.

We spoke with Erin Rollins, costume shop manager at BalletMet, for her top tips on keeping your beloved dancewear in rotation for years to come. (Spoiler alert: No, washing and drying everything on the same setting isn't advised.)