Roberto Bolle & Kendall Jenner Are Making All Our Italian Seaside Dreams Come True

I'll never forget something Roberto Bolle once told me when I was interviewing him about his workout regimen: Talking about how much he loved to swim, he said, "I would love to go in the Italian sea, but I am too well-known there to show up in my suit."

It always amused and kinda shocked me that a ballet dancer could reach that level of fame. But it's true: In his native Italy, Bolle is a bonafide celerity.

Lucky for him—and us—he was able to spend some time seaside recently with none other than model Kendall Jenner while shooting a new ad campaign for Tod's, an Italian luxury footwear and accessories brand.

(The beach, however, wasn't quite the Amalfi coast. It was in Malibu, California, where Bolle is only known as "hot shirtless guy" by gossip sites like Just Jared.)

Most of the shots are, of course, closeups of shoes and sunglasses as the two relax at the beach, playing cards and filming each other with hipster-chic vintage cameras. Plus: puppies! But we are treated to at least a snippet of dance, including a shirtless Bolle whipping out a grand jeté.

I can only imagine how much Bolle's star power will rise now after appearing on Kendall Jenner's 86 million-strong Instagram feed.

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