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This Beyoncé Choreographer Has the Most Relatable Cross-Training Routine

Even if you haven’t heard her name, you’ve almost certainly seen the work of commercial choreographer James Alsop. Though she’s made award-winning dances for Beyoncé (“Run the World,” anyone?) and worked with stars like Lady GaGa and Janelle Monae, Alsop’s most recent project may be her most powerful: A moving music video for Everytown for […]

Cross-Training Tips from Joel Prouty, Trainer to the (Ballet) Stars

A good personal trainer can coach you through a challenging, safe workout. A great one understands the unique demands dance places on your body and helps you correct specific weaknesses to make you an even stronger performer. Enter Joel Prouty. Before his passion for fitness took over, he was a member of the Royal Winnipeg […]

Are You Cross-Training Too Much? Watch Out for These 7 Telltale Signs

Every dancer is told to cross-train. But, the million-dollar question you should be asking is: Is it helping my dance career…or hurting it? Why It Matters: Cross-training can be a powerful tool to give you the physicality you need to compete in today’s dance world. However, if done wrong, it can also undo all of […]

Adapt Your Cross-Training to Your Rep

When Sarasota Ballet principal Danielle Brown began taking Gyrotonic classes two years ago, she had an epiphany: “I could feel the difference immediately in my dancing; I could feel my placement and every little part of my spine,” she says. Particularly, it helped her perform the company’s two dozen ballets by Sir Frederick Ashton. “Especially […]

Cross-Training Your Feet

Build a better pointe by strengthening underused foot and ankle muscles.   Dancers obsess over their feet day after day. In a competitive art form focused on minute aesthetic details, every millimeter of articulation counts. So no matter what arch or instep they were born with, dancers never stop working to make their feet stronger […]

a dancer's foot pointing down as they jump

Safety Tips for Winged and Sickled Feet

Beyond the delicately winged foot that goes in and out of favor in ballet’s arabesque, performers may be asked to wing and/or sickle their feet as part of choreography. While winging (toes pointed outward) and sickling (toes pointed inward) involve relatively small ranges of motion, to execute them safely requires proper strength and an understanding of the anatomy of the foot and ankle.

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