Michael Higgins

Shooting Movement With Interdisciplinary Artist Marissa Brown

Based out of both Brooklyn and Los Angeles, Marissa Brown has expanded her dance practice to include choreography, film, photography, installation and publication.

"I've done a lot of wild things—performing at the Park Avenue Armory in an opera, performing at BAM with Phantom Limb Company, being in West Side Story on Broadway—but I don't feel defined by any of these things," she says. "I just appreciate the opportunities and hope to keep creating them."

Michael Higgins

CREATIVE OVERTIME: "I often daydream my pieces—ideas and structures. Right before I fall asleep has proven to be a good time to come up with things."

Michael Higgins

ON HER PLAYLIST: "Metronomy and James Blake are always there."

Michael Higgins

STANDOUT CAREER MOMENT: "The part of my project Romantics where we asked random people in L.A.'s Union Station if we could make a personalized dance for them."

Michael Higgins

HER PRE-PERFORMANCE ROUTINE: "I like to take yoga. I'll make sure I center myself, and remind myself of what I want to communicate through my work."

Michael Higgins

GOING INTERDISCIPLINARY: "I made my first films when I was injured and couldn't move very much. It was a way for me to keep creating."

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