Xenos, Akram Khan's final full-length solo, is an ode to the soldiers of World War I. Photo by Nicol Vizioli, Courtesy Sadler's Wells

We might have gotten a little bit carried away with this year's "Season Preview"—but with the 2018–19 season packing so many buzzy shows, how could we not? Here are over two dozen tours, premieres and revivals that have us drooling.

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Antony Tudor. Photo by Clemens Kalischer, Courtesy DM Archives.

In the May 1952 issue of Dance Magazine, we published excerpts from Agnes de Mille's Dance to the Piper. Of Antony Tudor, she wrote, "I have said Antony's humor was sardonic; it was occasionally diabolic. He also said just what he thought, always a shocking experience. But he retained the unqualified admiration of his pupils....He taught and composed for almost nothing, watched everything with remembering eyes and drank his tea quietly wrapped in his dreams of world ambition. He was a kind of hibernating carnivore." Tudor left London in 1939 at the invitation of Lucia Chase to choreograph for what would become American Ballet Theatre. In ballets such as Jardin aux Lilas (Lilac Garden), Dark Elegies and Pillar of Fire, he exposed his characters' psychological landscapes without being overtly dramatic.

Below are some of our favorite images of Tudor that we've found in the DM Archives. (Spoiler alert: We've yet to catch him not wearing at least part of a suit, unless he's in costume.)

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